Georgina Rodriguez’s Children: Who Are Cristiano Ronaldo’s Kids; Their Names, Ages, Mothers, Etc?

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have, what are their names, and is Georgina Rodriguez their mother?

In late January of 2022, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo shared a photo of his longtime girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez‘s baby bump while the family vacationed in Dubai. The Manchester United striker captioned his Instagram post in Arabic, writing, “Thanks, Dubai, for the good times. Thanks, Dubai, for the warm feelings. Thank you, Dubai, for providing the best family moments. Dubai, my second home. And my family is grateful for the warm reception and generosity of your beautiful people. With all my love for you.”

Georgina, who was featured in the Netflix series I Am Georgina, announced her pregnancy in a joint post with Cristiano in late October of 2021. “Delighted to announce we are expecting twins,” the couple wrote. “Our hearts are full of love — we can’t wait to meet you.”

Tragically, Cristiano and Georgina suffered the loss of one of the twins later in 2022. On April 18, they announced on Instagram that their baby boy had died. “It is the greatest pain that any parents can feel,” they wrote. “Only the birth of our baby girls gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness. […] Our baby boy, you are our angel. We will always love you.”

Meet Cristiano Ronaldo’s kids.

The couple’s new baby daughter (whose name is Bella Esmeralda) has four older siblings: 12-year-old Cristiano Jr. (born on June 17, 2010), 4-year-old Alana Martina (born on November 12, 2017), and 4-year-old twins Eva Maria and Mateo (born on in June 2017).

Cristiano Ronaldo shares all three 4-year-olds with Georgina; Eva Maria and Mateo were born via surrogate. The couple, who met at the Madrid Gucci store where Georgina formerly worked as a sales assistant, have been together since 2016.

 Cristiano Ronaldo was pictured on a mid-season trip to Dubai with four of his children
Cristiano Ronaldo was pictured on a mid-season trip to Dubai with four of his children. Credit: Instagram @Cristiano

His first son, Cirstiano Ronaldo Jr, 12, was born on June 17, 2010, in the United States. His family name is Cristianiho, which means “little Cristiano”. The identity of Cristiano Jr.’s mother is somewhat of a mystery, with some outlets claiming she was an “American waitress” and “one-night stand.” According to the Hindustan Times, Cristiano has said he wouldn’t reveal his mother’s identity to his son until Cristiano Jr.’s 18th birthday.

In 2011, Bleacher Report published a story stating that Cristiano Jr.’s mother was a British student who had been paid over $13 million in order to give up her rights as a parent. Other outlets report that Cristiano Jr. was raised in large part by Cristiano’s mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, who brought her grandson up as her own child. “Cristiano’s sister, Katia Aveiro, stated Cristiano Jr. has no mother and therefore there was no woman calling him; no telephone calls or anything like that, she was dead,” per El Futbolero.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Ronaldo Jr has started playing football at the youth level and is already impressed with his goal return.

On April 14, 2022, he was captured executing his dad’s trademark “Siuuu” celebration while playing for Manchester United’s Under-12s.

The young ace has also reportedly played alongside Wayne Rooney’s eldest son Kai at times as well.

After his Instagram post of the family trip to Dubai, Cristiano shared a photo of soccer practice with his eldest son. “Present and future,” he wrote under the picture of the two of them, where Cristiano is pictured shirtless in the background and Cristiano Jr. is seen wearing a Manchester United training top.

Following his father’s return to Manchester United after 12 years away, Cristiano Jr. joined the club’s academy, per Daily Mail. “Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, claimed that her grandson was ‘better than his father was at his age,'” writes the outlet, adding that the proud grandmother “expressed her desire for the 11-year-old to play for Sporting Lisbon” in the future, the same club where her own son got his start.

Who is Cristiano Jr’s mother?

The identity of Cristiano Junior’s mother is unknown, but Ronaldo Senior has full custody of his son with reports suggesting that his mother was paid £10 million.

Ronaldo told chat show host Jonathan Ross: “People speculate I was with this girl or another, or there was a surrogate mother. I have never told anyone and never will.

“When Cristiano [Junior] is going to grow up, I am always going to say the truth to him because he deserves it, because he is my son, but I am not going to say because people want me to say.”

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

Georgina Rodriguez has become a household name.

Georgina is the mother of Ronaldo’s fourth child Alana and his fifth child, Bella.

She was born on January 27, 1994, in Jaca, Spain to a Spanish mum and Argentine dad.

Georgina learned to dance before changing careers to modeling after studying English in London.

The 27-year-old was first spotted on a string of dates with then-Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo towards the end of 2016.

Georgina has claimed that her first meeting with the football star was “love at first sight.”

“Our first meeting was at Gucci, where I worked as a sales assistant,” she recalled in an interview with The Sun.

“Days later, we saw each other again at another brand’s event.

“It was then that we could talk in a relaxed atmosphere, outside my work environment. It was love at first sight for both.”

Following her stint working at the Gucci store, Georgina shifted paths into modeling and the mother is now also a social media influencer. In fact, according to her Instagram bio, the 28-year-old I Am Georgina star is also an author.

She might be adding “wife” to her lengthy resume soon. “It could be in a year, or it could be in six months or in a month,” Cristiano said in Georgina’s docuseries, regarding the two walking down the aisle. “I’m 1000 percent sure it will happen.”

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