How Much Is Gloria Richards’s Net Worth? The Actress Makes Cool Money From Her Nannying Side Hustle

34-year-old actor, Gloria Richards makes $167 an hour as a nanny for the ultra-rich; Another reason to prove nannying could be the best side hustle?

A Broadway actor, who also works as a nanny, says that she makes almost 90% of her yearly income while traveling with the children of New York billionaires. Gloria Richards, 34, works round the clock and spends half of the year nannying for the ultra-rich to add to her Broadway income. The gig pays her around $167 per hour plus flights and accommodation. 

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“I could nanny for, like, two months at the top of the year, and I’d be fine for the rest of the year. What feeds me is being able to work so closely with these kids.” Gloria Richards told CNBC Make It.

She said that most of her time doesn’t go into taking care of them rather she spends most of her working hours coordinating children’s educational and social calendars.

Although her exact net worth is not known, she said she gets paid up to $2000 a day for almost 12 to 15 hours of work that she puts in. Her work includes taking tours by private jets and yachts and driving Teslas and Porches and attending birthdays where iPads are a common return gift. Many people are gravitating towards side hustles to make ends meet in these trying times post-pandemic. However, for some, it’s also a way to afford luxury. 

The Pitfall of Nannying Ultra-Rich Kids

Pexels | Kampus Production
Pexels | Kampus Production

The glamour can be taxing at times. Richards said that while her willingness to work with neurodivergent children made her popular with parents, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. She talked about the importance of being tactful and knowing how to navigate tricky situations. Failing to do so often meant risking her paycheck.

Highly Paid Jobs By The Super Rich

In the states, nannies get around $21.25 per hour, as per ZipRecruiter data. However, nannying for the super-rich kids is a different number game. 

1. Bulters: According to Sophie Robehmed at BBC News, bulters have stratospheric salaries. In the United Arab Emirates, an average trained butler for the rich is paid around 582,000 Emirati Dirhams, or $158,000, per year.

2. Personal Shopper: According to Forbes, a personal shopper can earn around  $100,000 or even more, per year. With a classy taste in fashion and a bit of chutzpah, one can easily make a lot. 

3. Tutor: According to CNBC, a 33-year-old Indiana native makes up to $1,250 an hour teaching children of wealthy parents. “It’s different clients, but the same business,” he told the publication. 

Pexels |  Vanessa Garcia
Pexels | Vanessa Garcia

4Make-Up Artists: The ultra-rich need to look presentable all the time and they have people to make sure they look perfect. Personal MUA is in huge demand, especially in the times of Instagram and TikTok. 

Security expert to the super-rich- According to CNBC, safeguarding the prized possessions of the super-rich is a well-paying job. 

Pexels | Vlada Karpovich
Pexels | Vlada Karpovich

Party Planners: The rich don’t need a reason to celebrate. However, the scale of these parties is so huge that they are often tagged as events and need experts to plan and execute. 

Wrangler: Managing racehorses for the rich is a thing and people get paid a lot for the job.

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