How Old Is Matan Even? Prankster and Viral Game Awards Kid Is Known For Making Random Appearances 

The “Bill Clinton Kid” has popped up so much recently, and spoken to so many people, it’s hard to keep track of where he is.

After becoming a viral sensation by crashing the Game Awards ceremony, when he stage-bombed Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Game of the Year acceptance, Matan has made a name as “the Bill Clinton Kid”, and frequently ambushes other celebrities and influencers around the world.

Since the Game Awards, he’s ambushed some of the biggest names in streaming, including iShowSpeed and Kai Cenat, and appeared in the background of dozens of viral videos. Because of this, many have branded him as a real-life version of “Where’s Waldo?”, because you never know if he’s going to turn up.

But who is Matan, and how does he keep finding his way into the daily lives of so many celebrities?

Who is the Bill Clinton Kid?

Despite being a clearly well-traveled person, Matan Even is just 15 years old, being born in 2007.

He was raised through a Hebrew school and they have family in Israel.

According to his past stunts, it looks like Matan is advocating for human rights and condemning police brutality.

He frequently discusses politics outside of the United States like China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan but refrains from discussing right-wing politics.

The Bill Clinton Kid is a YouTuber (109k+ subscribers) and Twitter personality who exposed police brutality in the Hong Kong protests from 2019 to 2020.

In 2022, he went viral for crashing The Game Awards (after Elden Ring won Game of the Year).

When the Elden Ring developers got on stage, Matan sneakily got on stage with them.

After that, he took the microphone and said this, “Real quick, I want to thank everybody and say I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton”.

Since then, Matan Even is known as the “Bill Clinton Kid”, not because he is Bill Clinton’s son, but because of the phrase that he said.

On his YouTube channel, he uploaded 56 episodes of civilians getting beaten by the police.

His channel, was created in 2019.

He joined Twitter at about the same time on March 2019.

He stopped uploading videos after the Hong Kong protests ended and posted a tweet talking about his hiatus.

Although he rose to fame from his stunt at the Game Awards, he’s been crashing events for publicity for a lot longer than that.

Even’s first media appearance was an interview with InfoWars in 2019, where he discussed the protests in Hong Kong. He also made an appearance at Blizzcon that same year, and crashed one of the panels there in support of Hong Kong.

While he spends a good amount of time inserting himself in viral moments, Even also streams on Twitch, playing Minecraft and Elden Ring, the game whose creator he interrupted at the Game Awards.

During his streams Even often discusses US politics and his perspective on them.

How does Matan Even keep finding celebrities?

Many speculate that Matan Even is an “IRL stream sniper”, which means he watches streams of influencers and celebrities, and then predicts where they are going to be. This has been particularly effective for finding IRL streamers, such as Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed.

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