How Rich Is Jack Harlow Net Worth? Jack Harlow To Host And Perform On “SNL”

The late-night sketch show announced Jack Harlow’s double appearance via Twitter, adding more to his TV repertoire.

Harleezy is one of the most talked-about rappers today, and whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny the charisma that people see in the guy. Jack is adored as much for his personality as he is for his music, and he’s going to have the perfect opportunity to display that when he both hosts and performs at Saturday Night Live on October 29th.

The New York-based comedy titan announced his appearance in a tweet, and he joins the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Megan Thee Stallion as major performers this season. Meg just had her host/performer appearance this weekend, so maybe Jack Harlow should take some notes from the “Body” MC. In fact, Meg and Jack are the first consecutive double-duty hosts in SNL history.

Kentucky’s own has already performed once on SNL, appearing alongside Pete Davidson in an NFT-rap sketch as a school janitor (who happens to drop some crypto bars). This will be Harlow’s first time performing on stage at the show, and it’s another pop culture milestone for one of hip-hop’s emerging stars.

What’s more is that, believe it or not, this won’t be the 24-year-old’s first time hosting a TV show. He co-hosted The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon just a couple of weeks ago, proving that he’s in that career phase where he’s starting to break out into other extracurriculars.

Is Jack Harlow rich and what is his net worth?

Jack Harlow is an American rapper and songwriter who has a net worth of $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He earned his fortune from being a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Jack Harlow rose to fame in 2020 with his single “Whats Poppin.” The same year, he released his debut studio album, “Thats What They All Say,” which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. Harlow had his first chart-topper in 2021 when he collaborated with Lil Nas X on the song “Industry Baby.”

Before Harlow was a household name, he was a teen from Louisville filming low-budget music videos in cars with his pals, rapping about both skipping high school classes and his go-to burrito order at Qdoba, and generally embracing a cool-nerd persona. Listening to Harlow’s early projects — which date back to the mid-2010s, a full half-decade before any sort of mainstream recognition — his gifts as a technical rapper that gravitates toward a brassy punchline are clear but needed a few projects to gestate and evolve.

His personality on the mic was compelling, if not entirely coherent; he understood the melody, but the hooks weren’t clean. When Harlow did score a smash in 2020, part of its appeal was how natural his flow sounded — but that effortlessness took years to cultivate before arriving anywhere near where we know it today.

 Jack Harlow

“Industry Baby” was co-produced by none other than Kanye West, and a few months after its release, Harlow returned the favor by appearing on “Louie Bags,” from Ye’s Donda 2 album. A few days before that project’s release last February, however, West posted a screenshot of Harlow’s music video for his single “Nail Tech” on Instagram, with the caption, “This n***a can raaaaaaap bro And I’m saying n***a as a compliment Top 5 out right now.”

Having Ye — one of the most respected voices in hip-hop history, regardless of the controversy he’s courted in recent years — describes Harlow as a top 5 rapper right now gave an ascendant young artist, and specifically a white artist in a predominantly Black genre, greater credibility with regard to his technical skill. If “Industry Baby” gave Harlow a chance to shine on pop radio, Ye’s words undoubtedly helped legitimize him to hardcore rap fans.

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