How Tall Is Barron Trump Right Now? Suddenly, Donald Trump’s Son Is Very Tall, and It’s Weirdly Hilarious

Barron Trump, Donald and Melania Trump’s only child together, has done his best to stay out of the spotlight. After being (unfairly, TBH) bullied after Trump won the election, Barron has kept it very low-key, only appearing on very rare occasions with his mother and father. But after a recent photo of the family surfaced, people can’t help but laugh at just how much taller Barron is than Trump.

Barron Trump

How tall is Barron Trump now?

The photo of the Trumps shows Barron, who’s now 16 years old, towering over his parents (according to Indy, Baron’s height right now is 6 feet 7 inches (2.01m), while in 2020, Business Insider that Barron was 6’3 in January 2020), as though he’s wearing stilts. In fact, he’s been jokingly compared to SpongeBob, who in an episode has disguised himself and is clearly wearing stilts. 

As funny as the photo is, Barron looks this tall because he probably just had a growth spurt — he literally became a teen in the last couple of years. And he’s probably taller than Trump because Trump is 75 years old and has shrunk over time.

The Twitter comments are pretty all over the place about the photo. Some find it hilarious, others are condemning the original poster for making fun of a 16-year-old, and some super right-wing supporters are using it as an excuse to be extremely hateful.

Is Barron Donald Trump’s real son?

Some Twitter users wonder if this means Donald Trump isn’t Barron’s real father since typically sons are just as tall, if not taller than their fathers. Considering Barron didn’t exactly get his height from Melania, folks are very curious. But as ~dramatic~ as that would be, he most likely is Donald’s biological son (and if you look at a comparison of the two, especially when Trump was younger, the two do look similar). 

Plus, it’s really not our place to get involved in Melania and Trump’s personal business, as divisive as the POTUS may be.

See the resemblance? This was when Barron was a bit younger. It’s true that Barron luckily looks more like Melania than Trump.

trump barron

Anyhow, this isn’t the first time people have joked about how freakin’ tall Barron is. Back in January of this year, outlets all over were commenting about how Barron is the true “Trump Tower.”


Hopefully, Barron has adjusted to his life at the White House. Maybe he won’t even have to put up with it too much longer!

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