Hunter Biden Leaked Tape: Joe Biden’s Son Exposed Of His Wild Drunk And High Nights With Prostitutes and Strippers

Hunter Biden is a wild boy! He is currently being exposed by 4chan hackers who gained access to videos through iCloud.

Hackers were able to retrieve videos and text messages from Hunter’s iCloud.

The shocking videos show Hunter getting high as a kite with prostitutes and strippers.

In the video below, Hunter is weighing his crack on a scale with a woman behind, arguing about how much it weighs.

Joe Biden is the father of Hunter Biden

Other revelations from the hacking show Hunter is not too fond of his stepmother and First Lady, Jill Biden. In messages, he reportedly called her a “selfish silly entitled c***”.

“So go f–k yourself Jill let’s all agree I don’t like you any more than you like me,” the text reads. “And you do know the drunkest I’ve ever been is still smarter than you could ever even comprehend and you’re a shut [sic] grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in an Ivy graduate program.”

President Joe Biden nor the White House have spoken on the videos or text messages. 

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