Influencer Goes Viral For Looking Just Like Kim Kardashian

Content creator Sonya Sed often goes viral for looking almost exactly like celebrity Kim Kardashian, an association the TikToker disdains.

It’s undeniable Kim Kardashian is a massively influential figure. With millions of followers and multiple brands under her name, the celebrity has become a conversation topic among people all across the world.

TikTok influencer Sonya Sed is often mistaken for Kim Kardashian, an occurrence that happens both online and offline. But despite Kim Kardashian’s reputation, the content creator dislikes being associated with the star.

Sonya Sed creates a plethora of content, covering topics in the realm of fashion, makeup, and fitness. On TikTok, she’s managed to gain over 350,000 followers, speaking volumes about her hard work as a creator.

She made a video in response to a comment that stated, “there was not a doubt in my mind that this was Kim K until I saw the username.” In the video, Sonya Sed proceeds to declare her name, race, and a strong statement of independence.

“Me being my own person. Prob only b*sh not tryna look like Kim,” the text reads.

(Click here if the TikTok video is not playing)

Sonya Sed has been attempting to create her own brand of content, and in no way actively tries to look like Kim Kardashian. She just happens to have a similar Valley accent alongside a similar facial structure.

But despite her vocal dislike of the resemblance with Kim Kardashian, plenty of users still note the similarities in her more recent videos, and call her out for impersonating the celebrity for internet clout — a claim Sonya adamantly denies.

Many users don’t seem to understand TikToker’s qualms with the resemblance, stating it’s a flattering statement.

“Just because you resemble her doesn’t mean they think you’re not your own person,” one user commented.

“Girl if anything it’s a compliment,” another points out.

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