Is Louis Tomlinson A Billionaire? Louis Tomlinson Explains Why He “f***ing hates” Logan & Jake Paul

When defending former bandmate Liam Payne, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson admitted in a podcast that he “f***ing hates” Logan and Jake Paul.

Louis Tomlinson recently appeared on The Zach Sang Show. The former One Direction member spoke about his new music and upcoming album, Faith in the Future. Towards the end of the interview, Sang asked Tomlinson if he had any thoughts on the controversy surrounding bandmate Liam Payne. 

Earlier in the year, Payne was a guest on Logan Paul’s IMPULSIVE podcast. Fans of the musician criticized some of the comments Payne made at the time – which included him calling himself the “face of One Direction” and implying he’s had the most successful solo career out of everyone else in the band. Payne then went on to say that he wants to “fight Justin Bieber and KSI and believes he would win against both of them.

When asked about the fellow 1D band member’s appearance on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, Tomlinson defended Payne, calling Logan and his fellow hosts “disrespectful.”

While Tomlinson initially said he “wasn’t going to comment ” on the matter, he then went on to call out Logan and the IMPAULSIVE crew.  “He (Logan Paul) knew exactly what he was doing, the buttons he was pressing.”

Tomlinson then went on to say that was his takeaway from the interview and from “whoever’s involved in that show, that annoying Paul brother himself, whoever the other weird guys were.”

He then acknowledged that Logan “got so much out of it”, before finally admitting that he “f***ing hate[s] them Paul brothers.”

Host Sang then said “there is a special place in hell for Jake Paul”, to which Tomlinson replied and said that he “knew there was a reason” he liked him.

At the time of writing, neither Paul brother has acknowledged or responded to Tomlinson’s comments.

Louis Tomlinson

Is Louis Tomlinson a billionaire?

Louis Tomlinson is not a billionaire but rather, a millionaire, so what is his net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Louis Tomlinson has an estimated fortune of $70 million dollars.

In October 2016, Louis paid $7.3 million for an impressive mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Almost exactly four years later to the day, in October 2020, he sold the home for $6.4 million, a $900,000 loss. Outside of the US, he owns a home in the London suburbs.

Louis Tomlinson is an English singer who was the first to become famous as a member of the singing group One Direction. He has gone on to enjoy a successful solo career.

Louis Tomlinson, also known as Louis Troy Austin, was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, on December 24, 1990, to Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin. They split when Louis was just a toddler and he is still estranged from his father.

He later took on his stepfather Mark Tomlinson’s last name. He has six half-siblings. He attended Hall Cross School and Hayfield School and struggled, failing his first year of A levels at the Hayfield School and having to start over again.

He worked a number of odd jobs throughout his teenage years, including at Vue cinema and at a football stadium as a waiter.

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