Is Maye Musk Married? Who Is Maye Dating Now? Elon Musk’s Mother’s Relationship Life After Divorce From Husband Errol

Has Maye Musk married again? Is Maye Musk in a relationship? Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca’s mother was married to their father, Errol but they got divorced. Read on to find out if she is dating anyone currently.

Maye has been a model and dietitian for 50 years and featured in prominent magazines like Women’s Day, Time magazine, and the Vogue. However, her run-way modeling career crumbled at age 18 and then bounced back into the game at age 60.

Maye Musk is Elon Musk‘s mother, a well-known billionaire and founder/CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. People assume she became famous because of Elon, unaware that she was popular before her son became a household name. Meanwhile, others wonder about Maye Musk’s relationship and dating life since she is divroced from Errol Musk, her husband.

Here’s what we know about the oldest CoverGirl model’s famous family, career and her dating history.

Is Maye Musk Married? Who Is Maye Dating Now? Elon Musk's Mother's Relationship Life After Divorce From Husband Errol

Who is Maye Musk and how old is she?

Maye Haldeman is a Canadian model and dietitian, from Regina, Saskatchewan – who moved to Pretoria, South Africa when she was two years old.

Born in 1948 as one of five siblings including a twin sister, she is currently 74 years old and will turn 75 in April 2023. The names of her four siblings are Edith Lynne, Scott, Angkor Lee, and Kaye Rive.

Maye’s twin sister, Kaye walked ahead of the family’s slow-moving car in shifts. They would watch out for ditches or old logs so that the car wouldn’t get stuck. Maye’s sisters, Lynne and Kaye, oversee dancing schools like their mum. Meanwhile, her older brother Scott is now a neurologist and founder of World Spine Care.

She’s from an affluent but humble family and she inherited her ambition from her parents. Maye was born to parents Joshua Norman Haldeman and Winnifred “Wyn” Josephine Haldeman, who had a successful chiropractic business and a strong sense of adventure. While the family traveled often, their home was in South Africa. In 1952, when Musk was only four years old, her adventurous parents flew the family 22,000 miles around the world in a plane her father had brought in pieces from Canada, according to The New York Times.

Growing up, Musk and her family would roam the Kalahari Desert in search of a fabled Lost City. She and her siblings would sleep with sleeping bags pulled over their heads “so the hyenas wouldn’t eat our faces.” From these map-making, adventuring parents, Musk found her confidence to pursue a career in the world of fashion.

Maye is a mum of three and has 12 grandchildren.

How long has Maye Musk been modeling?

Maye started modeling when she was just 15 years old, meaning she’s been in the business for well over 50 years.

She was a finalist in the Miss South Africa beauty pageant in 1969.

Maye earned a Masters’s degree in dietetics while working as a model and running a modeling school in the evening.

On her website, she says she put great effort into her education, never imagining that her modeling career would take off the way it has.

Maye even got a second Master’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Toronto – after moving back to Canada.

Some of her biggest gigs have been a Beyonce music video, several Revlon ads, appearing on boxes of Special K, Times Square billboards, and ad campaigns for Target and Virgin America.

When she was 50, Maye moved to New York – and she celebrated her 60th birthday by cutting her hair short, and letting her natural color shine through.

In 2011, she appeared nude on the covers of Time magazine, for a health issue, and New York magazine, with a fake pregnant belly.

In September 2017, Maye became CoverGirl’s oldest spokesmodel at the age of 69 – in a groundbreaking move.

She’s signed with IMG Mdoels, who represent the likes of Gisele Bündchen and Gigi Hadid.

Is Maye Musk related to Elon Musk?

Yes, Maye is the mum of Kimbal, Tusk, and billionaire Elon Musk – Tesla’s CEO and arguably the most famous entrepreneur of his generation.

Their dad Errol is Maye’s high school sweetheart. The pair married in 1970 but divorced nine years later.

She has six grandchildren on Elon’s side, and two on her daughter Tosca.

Who was Maye Musk’s husband?

In high school, Musk met an engineer named Errol Musk, who would later become her husband. The couple was married in 1970 and their first son Elon was born one year later, followed shortly thereafter by their son Kimbal, and their daughter, Tosca. After nearly 10 years of marriage, Maye and Errol divorced in 1979. She has since described the relationship as abusive, Business Insider reported. At the age of 42, Musk moved with her three children from Johannesburg in South Africa to Toronto in 1989, where she started her business as a dietician, according to Business Insider.

Is Maye Musk dating anyone? Has Maye remarried?

Maye Musk is currently single but has been in numerous relationships after divorce from her ex-husband, Errol Musk. Maye Musk is not married and does not have any known romantic partner.

Maye has penned an essay about being single, revealing she’s never been in a relationship with a partner who loved her, and she loved him back.

She noted that when she married that she ‘turned to romance novels’ for hopes, but her love life never got any better after she divorced.

She signed up for the dating site at the age of 55 and had to listen to her dates drone on and on about their lives without ever asking about hers.

While she has completely given up on dating, she said she’s done being a ‘jerk magnet’ and is happy being single.

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