Is Steve Kornacki In A Relationship, and Is He Married? Into The Love Life Of The MSNBC Anchor

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki is officially everyone’s favorite on-air reporter – is he married or dating anyone currently?

MSNBC reporter Steve Kornacki became one of the most popular men on television over the course of the 2020 presidential election, and he’s back and ready for action for the 2022 midterms. The 43-year-old journalist has an amazing ability to do speedy mental calculations, analyze complicated results, share relevant election history, and navigate MSNBC’s “Big Board” map — all while narrating everything with his unique, high-energy style.

With all the buzz around Steve, many are curious to know about his personal life — including his relationship status. So, does Steve Kornacki have a husband?

No, Steve Kornacki is not married to David Mack.

During the 2020 election coverage (which you may remember lasted for days), Buzzfeed reporter David Mack made a joke about being married to Steve Kornacki, calling the MSNBC reporter his husband. David Mack tweeted, “When will my husband, Steve Kornacki, return from war?”

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He then made another joke on Twitter about reading tweets of support to Steve Kornacki in bed every night. While these were obviously jokes, some people on Twitter took them seriously. To clear things up, David Mack already has a partner named Michael Bauer.

As far as Steve Kornacki’s public persona goes, he is not married and is not dating anyone publicly. His Instagram is rarely updated and most of the photos in his Instagram feed include photos of nature and friends.

Steve Kornacki came out publicly in 2011.

In November 2011, Steve contributed to Salon about the experience of coming out publicly. He shared the very personal story of his first sexual experience with another man, writing, “I’m still too Catholic to add much more here, but suffice it to say: It was quick, I didn’t do much, and I felt dirty, degraded and embarrassed the whole time.”

He also wrote about a past relationship he had with a man named Dan that taught him a lot about how he felt about himself and his sexuality. He wrote, “The permanence of saying yes to Dan paralyzed me. The minute I told someone, anyone, there’d be no taking it back. His persistence also provided a perverse subconscious incentive that I only now recognize: As long as he was interested in me, I didn’t feel any pressure to face my fears – not when he’d just keep calling me anyway.”

Twitter is obsessed with Steve Kornacki and his dedication to the news.

While there is no real news about Steve Kornacki’s personal life, that hasn’t stopped the public from obsessing over Steve and his dedication to his live Election Night reports. While several other networks have their own interactive board (and people who interact with it), Steve is absolutely the best in the biz, and the people of Twitter are obviously aware of that fact. There’s no shortage of great Steve Kornacki memes and tweets whenever he’s doing his thing.

During the 2020 presidential election, author Roxanne Gay joked, “OK. Guys. Let’s get into it. 1. Is Steve Kornacki wearing a diaper since he never leaves the camera? 2. When was the last time he slept?” Another user joked, “Steve Kornacki has cleared my skin, solved my commitment issues, cured my depression, and swept away my childhood trauma.”

Steve’s colleagues joked and assured fans of the reporter’s safety and health, “We have removed him forcibly from the building. He’s in a room with pillow, blankets and warm milk.”

Following his first brief break from being on-air, he took to Twitter to acknowledge his sudden popularity. In a video posted to Twitter, he said, “I saw after I finally left the studio all these incredibly kind and friendly and nice messages everybody had on social media.”

MSNBC even got in on the joke, giving fans a glimpse of Steve Kornacki’s off-air life. The news network has set up a #TrackingKornacki hashtag to keep people up to date on what he’s doing, and also offers a “Kornacki Cam,” during commercial breaks.

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