James Corden’s Wife and Kids: Meet The Comedian’s Married Partner, Julia Carey, and Their 3 Children

‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’ host James Corden has a whole brood of kids in real life with his wife. We have all the details on his family.

Former The Late Late Show host James Corden is known for driving around and singing with celebrities in his popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment. The British entertainer also boasts an impressive voiceover and hosting resume, among other endeavors in the industry. What James’ fans likely don’t know about him is anything pertaining to his personal life; the comedian prefers to keep details about his family private.

But away from the spotlight, James was married to Julia Carey who used to be a television producer. There are more about the comedian’s family that are unseen by the public. So who is James Corden’s wife and how many children does he have? Keep reading to learn more about Julia Carey.

James Corden’s wife, Julia Carey, is a former TV producer.

James married his wife, Julia, on Sept. 15, 2012.

Julia got her start in the entertainment industry as an actress on shows like Wings and Enemy at the Door before working as a television producer, per IMDb.

james corden wife julia carey

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of information about what Julia is up to these days, as James’ wife doesn’t have any public social media accounts and seems to prefer life away from the spotlight.

However, we do know she’s likely busy with their three children: son Max, born in 2011; daughter Carey, born in 2014; and daughter Charlotte, born in 2017.

Who introduced James Corden to his wife?

When she and James first met, Julia was working for the nonprofit Save the Children. The couple was introduced by James’ best friend, actor Dominic Cooper. For James, it was love at first sight when he first met his wife — and his pickup line was a seriously bold one.

He told People in 2018 of the encounter: “I said, ‘Hi, Jules. You might be the most beautiful woman in the world.’ She said, ‘Well, thank you very much. That sounds like something you say a lot.’ And I said, ‘I’ve never said it before in my life.’ That was it. That was it, really. I was in. And by an absolute miracle, so was she.”

James and Julia jokingly planned the rest of their lives together about an hour and a half after meeting.

“We were both talking about how much we felt like we were now past the notion of going out every night — that we had hit the age where the prospect of a quiet night in was glorious,” he recalled.

James continued, “I remember saying to her, ‘Well, what about on Friday we could do nothing together? You could come over and we could just do nothing. And then maybe we could do nothing on the Saturday, and we could do nothing on the Sunday. And if our evenings are enough of nothing, then maybe this would become something.’ And she said, ‘That sounds like a fun idea.'”

In a 2016 interview, James gave a public shoutout to Julia for agreeing to relocate to the U.S. in the first place.

“All credit to my wife, who agreed to move when our daughter [Carey] was five weeks old and our son [Max] was three,” he said during a segment on the Lorraine show. “That is a massive thing, an undertaking.” (It sure is!)

Ahead of James hosting his last episode of The Late Late Show on April 27, 2023, his family relocated to the U.K. “The reason to leave is we’re a long way from home in Los Angeles,” he said on CBS’s The Morning Show. in December 2022. “And there [are] people at home that are getting older, and we want our kids to know them and be around them.”

(L-R) James Corden, in a black tux, stands arm in arm with his wife, Julia Carey, at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars party.

How many kids does James Corden have?

James has three kids with Julia, the first being their son Max, who was born in 2011. He’s also a father to two daughters, Carey and Charlotte.

It was Max who motivated James to move on from The Late Late Show. During a January 2023 visit to The Drew Barrymore Show, James recounted how Max was disappointed once when James had to work on a Sunday because he thought Sunday was his dad’s day off.

James remembered, “[Max’s] face just kind of dropped. And I got in the car and I called my wife and said, ‘I’ve realized, best case scenario, we have six more summers where Max is even remotely wanting to be around us. And I cannot waste another one.'”

James said he knew he’d cry with the taping of the final episode of The Late Late Show, but that the best thing for him and his family would be to “lay some roots down in London, and it feels absolutely right in every single way.”

He also said he recognized that his son Max was about to become a teenager, and he never wanted his firstborn to forget that no matter what, his dad would always love him and that would never change.

As for Max’s sisters? According to Hollywood Life, Carey is the middle Corden child, having been born in 2014.

Charlotte followed in 2017, with James joking that he only had enough room to have a third child after moving to Los Angeles (in comparison to London).

James also revealed that Max took after him when it came to singing, telling People in 2018, “My last moment of pride was sitting outside my son’s bedroom while he had a singing lesson. He’s going to do his school’s talent show and he was singing a song from Dear Evan Hansen. I listened to him singing it, and it made me feel unbelievably proud that he would do such a thing.”

As James told Drew on her talk show in January 2023, “I always knew that [The Late Late Show] would be an adventure, but never the final destination.”

We certainly wish James and his family the best as they embark on this new phase of their lives!

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