Jayda Cheaves’s Net Worth and Salary: How Rich Is Jayda Cheaves, and What Does She Do For A Living?

Jayda Cheaves has made millions of dollars on her own, but how did she do it?

If you’re familiar with rap superstar Lil Baby, odds are that you’re also familiar with his ex-girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. Lil Baby and Jayda were together for quite a while but have since split up. Regardless, it doesn’t seem to have hurt either of their careers one bit, as both he and Jayda are doing quite well for themselves financially.

Jayda has branched out into numerous endeavors, setting herself up with an impressive net worth. So, how much money is she actually worth? Keep reading for a breakdown of her finances, businesses, and more.

Jayda Cheaves

What is Jayda Cheaves’ net worth? She has made quite a bit of money over the last few years.

According to Exact Net Worth, Jayda is worth an impressive $4 million as of today. Now 25 years old, Jayda has been working independently to establish her wealth since she was 16 years old, according to the publication.

Born in Savannah, GA., Jayda has been relatively tight-lipped about many of the details of her early life. What we do know is that she graduated high school in May 2015. As for her family, Jayda has a younger brother named Jaelen and a sister named Ameerah. Her sister also goes by the nickname Jazz and runs a successful salon named The Glam Trap, which is based in Decatur, GA.

Jayda Cheaves

What does Jayda Cheaves do for a living? She has multiple business interests.

Jayda’s values as an entrepreneur were instilled in her from a young age. When she was 16, she began reselling clothing on Poshmark, which gave her some basic knowledge about running a small business, including aspects of branding and marketing.

She quickly grew beyond those humble roots, however, expanding to her own platform where she continued to push her own products without having to cut in any middlemen on profits.

As Jayda’s fame grew, her status as an entrepreneur did as well. She leveraged her success into a true brick-and-mortar establishment in Atlanta called Amour Jayda as well as another online presence called Wayda Shop. Through these businesses, Jayda sells clothing, cosmetic products, hair care products, and wigs.

To date, Jayda has also partnered with notable name brands such as Fashion Nova, GSU WOO, and Pretty Little Thing to release her own highly-anticipated collections of clothing.

Beyond her business ventures, Jayda is a successful influencer on both Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, where she has nearly 8 million followers, Jayda shares photos of her life as well as plenty of sponsored posts that surely have contributed to her impressive net worth.

On YouTube, she has more than 350,000 subscribers and posts vlogs of her day-to-day activities, including a few videos that feature her ex, Lil Baby. Some of those videos have exceeded one million views since being uploaded.

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