20 Jeenie Weenie (Sandra Jeenie Kwon) Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Husband, Wiki, Bio, Height, Zodiac Sign, Baby, TikTok, Instagram, Etc

How much money does Jeenie Weenie make on YouTube? Biography facts about former flight attendant, TikToker, YouTuber, and internet star, Sandra Jeenie Kwon.

If you are somewhat like me and spend your time scrolling through TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube shorts, you might have come across a content creator, very different from the others. Sandra Jeenie Kwon is famous on all platforms mostly showing herself kicking rude passengers out of an airplane (as a joke of course) and showing her experience as someone who used to work as an air hostess.

From making relatable Cabin Crew videos, imitating her Korean mom, and sharing her real-life stories on the app, Jeenie Weenie, is definitely one to look out for, the next time you’re on the application.

Sandra has managed to inspire thousands of people all across the globe through her story and her videos.

Did you know that Sandra Jeenie Kwon was a former cabin crew now turned into a social media celebrity famously known on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with millions of followers, and subscribers? Sandra Jeenie Kwon is a Canadian shorts YouTuber, TikTok star, and former flight attendant who is known for her videos of her as a flight attendant.

Is Jeenie weenie still a flight attendant? Does Jeenie weenie have a husband? Why did Jeenie weenie quit her job? What airline does Jeenie weenie work for? How many followers does Jeenie weenie have? What does Jeenie weenie do for a living? Read the article to know everything you’d want to find out about the former air hostess now a full-time content creator.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Jeenie.Weenie
Net Worth:$26 million
Salary:$639.3K – $10.2M from YouTube ads
Full Real Name:Sandra Jeenie Kwon
Date of Birth/Birthday:May 11, 1983
Age/How Old:38 years old
Birthplace:Toronto, Canada
Nationality:South Korean-born Canadian
Birth/Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Residence:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height:5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Occupation:Former Fligh attendant, YouTuber, TikToker, Instagram star
Parents:Vanmoon 777 (mother)
Siblings:Not Known
Husband:Johnny Ung
YouTube Channel:Jeenie.Weenie
Subscribers:3.87 million subs
Date Joined:January 18, 2011
Instagram: @jeenie.weenie
50 Jeenie Weenie (Sandra Jeenie Kwon) Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Husband, Wiki, Bio, Height, Zodiac Sign, Baby, TikTok,  Instagram, Etc

1. Who is Jeenie.Weenie?

Jeenie.Weenie is a Canadian shorts YouTuber, TikTok star, and former flight attendant who is known for her videos of her as a flight attendant.

50 Jeenie Weenie (Sandra Jeenie Kwon) Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Husband, Wiki, Bio, Height, Zodiac Sign, Baby, TikTok,  Instagram, Etc

2. Why is Jeenie.Weenie famous?

Jeenie Weenie rose to fame from TikTok with her flight attendant videos. She has then grown her social media platforms to a huge following; on Instagram, she has over 1 million followers, on TikTok she has over 8 million followers and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

3. What is Jeenie.Weenie’s real name?

Jeenie’s real name is Sandra Jeenie Kwon. Her English name is Sandra and her Korean name is Jeenie, hence why she identifies with both names.

4. When and where was Jeenie Weenie born?

She was born on May 11, 1983, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She divides her time between Coquitlam and Los Angeles, where her husband is from. As of the time of this article, Jeenie is 38 years old.

5. Who is Jeenie.Weenie’s boyfriend Is JeenieWeenie married?

Jeenie is married to Johnny Ung who is from Los Angeles. During the covid times, the couple was staying in Vancouver with their weenie dog Dexter.

Johnny Ung with Jeenie’s mother.

6. Who are Jeenie Weenie’s parents?

The names of Jeenie’s parents are not known yet, however, her mother is known on Instagram @vanmoon777 with over 1k followers. Her mom has appeared on her jeenie.weenie Instagram account. Whether she has other siblings are also not known as she keeps her family life private.

7. What are Jeenie’s nationality and zodiac sign?

The former flight attendant now turned into a full-time YouTuber, and TikToker holds a South Korean-Canadian nationality. His birth/zodiac sign is Taurus.

8. How tall is Jeenie Weenie?

Sandra Jeenie Kwon stands at a hieght of 5 feet 8 icnhes (1.73 m). She is hot and has a slender figure. She looks like a doll. She weighs about 50kg.

(Photographed by ART BY ALEX)

9. Jeenie Weenie was a former flight attendant before she became famous on social media.

Explaining what inspired her to become a flight attendant, she noted “I always wanted to travel around the world and get paid doing so. Since high school, I always wanted to be a flight attendant but never thought I could as I thought I was too short and wouldn’t qualify. One day I met two girls at a party who just got hired for Emirates Airlines and they told me to just try and apply because you never know so I did and the rest is history!”

(Photographed by ART BY ALEX)

10. She began making TikTok videos in January 2020 and then became a full-time content creator in November 2020.

I’ve been making TikTok videos since January 2020 and then became a full-time content creator in November 2020. That would be my very first cabin crew video which paved the way for the cabin crew series and who I am today. Ups and downs will always happen with anything you do, but I was very lucky to have such supportive followers/friends/besties on my platforms that continuously encourage me every day. I’m so grateful.

11. Jeenie quit working as a flight attendant to attend school to land a degree qualification.

“I quit to go back to business school and finish my degree. My credits were expiring so if I didn’t go back and would like to finish my education one day, then I would have had to start from the beginning. At the time I wasn’t ready to quit being a flight attendant but made the decision to go back to school. I’m so happy I made that decision because it brought me to who I am today and I wouldn’t change that for the world. (Also now I get to travel for work, be my own boss, and have so much fun!)”.

Jeenie and her husband, Johnny.

12. Her followers on TikTok inspired her to start making videos regarding her flight experience as an air hostess?

“My followers at the time voted on my weekly content. One of the topics was the previous jobs I have had and I would create skits based on my true stories. All the followers voted on me sharing stories while I was a flight attendant and everyone enjoyed it so much I kept the content going. The only con to making these videos are the limitations it brings to the types of videos I can create”.

13. Jeenie became depressed during the pandemic but TikTok saved her.

“I became depressed during the pandemic as I’m sure most people did. Tiktok helped me laugh during these dark times”.

14. Jeenie joined and created her TikTok account after her friend recommended it to her.

On what made Sandra switch on her camera to start recording TikTok videos, she explained “I first downloaded TikTok because a friend recommended I watch videos as they were very entertaining. Shortly after I wanted to make my own videos and had so much fun that I kept creating them. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic when we were all on lockdown around March that I started posting more content on Tiktok”.

I love Tiktok as it helps you be yourself and have fun. Tiktok also has the best and easiest video editing features. Especially for someone who is can’t edit videos properly, they make it so easy that anyone can do it. Yes, I have grown my Instagram account since Tiktok and now I’m concentrating a lot of my resources on growing my youtube account.

Recently, I’ve decided to do this full-time as a career. This is something I never imagined before so everything is new to me and I’m still learning! Day to day I draft up ideas for my content, create the content, engage with my followers, and solidify my brand deals. I also spend a lot of time on research to see how I can grow on different social platforms.

15. Jeenie’s videos on TikTok are based on her own life experiences.

Jeenie has entertained millions of people with her relatable videos. “My Tiktok’s are based on my own life experiences which is probably how people find it relatable. Anything that I find funny that happens to me on a day-to-day basis, I can recreate in a skit format. I get lots of inspiration from my followers as well as they share their stories with me!” said Jeenie when talking about what inspires her videos.

16. Trivia

  • She posted her first TikTok video in December 2019.
  • She has partnered with Emirates Airlines and posted a TikTok video explaining all of their perks.
  • She has partnered with the YASHI BEAUTY company and promoted it on her Instagram page.
  • Her mom has appeared on her jeenie.weenie Instagram account.
  • She posted a TikTok duet with Charli D’Amelio in March 2020.
  • She is of Korean descent.
  • She has received over 391 million likes for her TikTok videos.
  • She posted a TikTok duet with Charli D’Amelio in March 2020. 
  • Her favorite Olivia Rodrigo song is “Drivers License!”
  • She has always wanted her name in Arabic tattooed on her skin. It reminds her of the time she built up the courage and took the risk to leave everything she knew behind and move to Dubai.
  • Her favorite type of alcohol or drink is Whiskey
  • She sees beauty in things and takes time to appreciate them.
  • She also enjoys meaningful discussions.
  • She is kind, authentic, and has a fabulous personality.

17. Jeenie Weenie YouTube Channel Information & Content.

She created her famous YouTube channel on January 18, 2011. The channel has amassed 3.87 million subscribers (as of the time of this article). With 495 uploaded videos on her channel, she has accumulated 3,211,928,744 views in total.

Her self-titled YouTube channel is ranked the 908th most subscribed channel on YouTube, 83rd most subscribed channel in Canada, and the 232nd best comedy channel on YouTube. Her style of content is mostly YouTube Shorts, and comedy.

Her first-ever uploaded video on her channel is “TikTok’s @jeenieweenie Intro Q&A” which was shared on the video-sharing platform a year ago with 198K views.

Her top three most viewed or popular videos on YouTube are “When Asian Moms watch 5 mins craft” with 80 million views, “How to impress your Asian Boyfriend’s mom” with 62 million views, and “When flight attendants take care of each other” with 55 million views. All these videos are Shorts.

18. How much money does Jeenie Weenie make on YouTube?

The Jeenie.Weenie channel generates estimated earnings of $1.8K – $28.4K in a day according to Social Blade. In a week, the Jeenie.Weenie channel earns estimated revenue of $12.4K – $198.9K from YouTube ads.

The Jeenie.Weenie channel earns an estimated income of $53.3K – $852.5K in a month from YouTube ads. In a year, the Jeenie.Weenie channel generates a salary of $639.3K – $10.2M from displayed ads on videos on YouTube.

19. What is the net worth of Jeenie Weenie?

How rich is Jeenie Weenie? Jeenie Weenie is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. She doubles as one of the highest-paid YouTube personalities. Her estimated net worth is around $26 million.

How does Jeenie Weenie make her money? Her sources of income are from sponsored/paid posts on social media, YouTube ads, partnerships with companies, selling of merchandise, and other endeavors.

20. Jeenie Weenie Social Media Accounts

YouTube: Jeenie.Weenie with 3.87 million subscribers.

Instagram: @jeenie.weenie with over 1 million followers.

TikTok: @jeenie.weenie with 8.2 million followers with 433.3 million likes.

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