Jeff Bezos’ Eye: What Health Condition Does The Billionaire Suffer From?

Forget about his fortune, What’s wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye? Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ eye condition is reportedly caused by aging.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has accomplished some extraordinary things in his lifetime. He built a company that at one point, was veering toward bankruptcy, and turned it into a trillion-dollar empire. Let’s also not forget that Bezos now owns one of the largest newspapers to date, The Washington Post, which he purchased for $250 million.

But enough about Bezos and his noteworthy achievements, onto his eye and why it always appears to be drooping.

If you’ve often asked yourself whether Bezos suffers from some sort of medical condition or if one eye just naturally hangs lower than the other, we’ve got some answers for you.

Jeff Bezos suffers from an eye condition that causes his upper eyelid to droop.

Jeff Bezos

If you’ve recognized a difference in Bezos’ eyes, it’s because his right eye does, in fact, droop a bit lower than the left. And this is because the former Amazon president and CEO suffers from Ptosis, according to his IMDb bio. Ptosis is an eye condition that causes the upper eyelid to droop over the eye, sometimes referred to as “a lazy eye.”

In most cases, Ptosis isn’t a serious condition and is typically caused “by aging or an eye injury,” according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). On rare occasions, Ptosis can stem from “diseases or tumors [that] affect the eyelid muscle,” though we don’t suspect Bezos’ case is that serious.

Can Jeff Bezos’ eye condition be treated?

Ptosis can usually be treated in one of two ways — medication or surgery. The AAO says the medication, oxymetazoline, which is prescribed in the form of eye drops, helps “target the muscle that raises the eyelid.”

An alternative to treating Ptosis is a less invasive surgical procedure that usually allows for a person to return home the same day.

Some other interesting facts you may have not known about Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos

Now that we’ve cleared up the issue with Bezos’ eye and why it looks different, let’s move on to some other interesting facts about the Amazon founder you may not know. As of June 2022, Bezos was earning about $4,700 a day or $390 an hour. This is based on the reported $1.7 million he collects annually.

Another interesting fact is that Bezos reportedly took on the last name “Bezos” at the age of four after his mother married Miguel Bezos. His biological father, Ted Jorgensen, died in 2015 after having never met his son, reports PageSix.

Apparently, Bezos’ mother, Jackie, got pregnant as a teenager and while she did marry Jorgensen, she left after two years and took her son with her.

One final fact many people may not know about Bezos is that he’s “a huge fan of Star Trek.” In fact, while in high school, his IMDb bio says he wrote a term paper that won him a trip to NASA.

So, despite the few bumps Bezos has encountered in his life along with the eye condition the media simply won’t let go of, he’s developed quite an impressive track record.

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