Who Is Jesse Sullivan On TikTok? The Trans Star Has The Support Of His Girlfriend Francesca and His Child

Jesse Sullivan on TikTok Shares His Experience About Being a Transgender Parent.

For anyone who identifies within the LGBTQ community, making one’s identity public can mean different things to different people. Some prefer to slowly come out to loved ones over a long period of time. Others like to make formal public announcements on their social media platforms. Some take their time with the process of telling others, especially when considering whether or not they feel safe enough to do so in the first place.

TikTok star Jesse Sullivan (he/him) has been vocal about his own transition online.

As a popular celebrity on TikTok, Jesse has committed much of his transition to his social media platforms. He even recently appeared in a documentary that chronicles his past life events as well as his transition.

Jesse has shared many aspects of his life and advocacy for trans rights and representation online, leading him to have garnered quite the following. Get to know Jesse Sullivan.

Jesse Sullivan

Who is Jesse Sullivan? Get to know the TikTok star.

Jesse Sullivan is a trans man who is remarkably active on TikTok. On his account, @jessesulli, Jesse has garnered over 2.8 million followers and generated upwards of 125.1 million likes across all of his posts. He shares plenty of regular life updates, dub-over memes with his kid, and jokes with his girlfriend. But many of his videos also capture his experience with being transgender, including post-op checkups, identity affirmations, and even addressing hateful comments.

He has also been very open on TikTok about his harrowing experience as a teenage parent. Before his transition, Jesse had gotten pregnant in high school. He went through with the pregnancy all while he began to question the gender he was assigned at birth.

It was the act of raising his child that helped to inform Jesse’s feelings about his gender identity. Having raised his kid to live honestly and expressively, Jesse felt encouraged and inspired to do the same in his own life.

After a long period of questioning, Jesse publicly came out as transgender on Halloween 2019. In his coming-out post on Instagram, he confirmed at that point that he has started testosterone treatments.

He continues to share details on his transition to this day, and even recently appeared in a documentary called My Transparent Lifewhere he details his experience about being trans while also being a parent to a child.

@jessesulli Disney valentines with the fam ❤️ #trans #transdad #lgbt? ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Geek Music

Jesse has the support of his girlfriend Francesca Farago, as well as his kid.

Luckily, Jesse has a strong support system in his corner. For some time now, he’s been going steady with Francesca Farago, who recently appeared on Perfect Match, a new romantic game show on Netflix.

Jesse also has a strong bond with his child, Arlo (they/them). As Arlo inspired Jesse to come out, the two have had each other’s backs for years and will clearly continue to do so well into the future.

On TikTok, Jesse calls Francesca and Arlo “the family [he] always wanted,” one that treasures and supports him on his transition.

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