Is Jimmy Tatro In A Relationship, Who Has He Dated Before? His Current Girlfriend, Exes, Dating History, More

Who is Jimmy Tatro dating right now? ‘Home Economics’ star Jimmy Tatro is in a relationship with a famous and hilarious actress.

ABC’s new family sitcom Home Economics stars a sitcom favorite, Topher Grace, along with more up-and-coming actors, Jimmy Tatro and Caitlin McGee. You might recognize Jimmy Tatro as Dylan from American Vandal, so it’s a fun new change to see him taking on network television.

In American Vandal, Jimmy Tatro stole our hearts as graffiti artist Dylan Maxwell at Hanover High. He was so endearing in a burnout kind of way that we can’t wait to see him as an endearing millionaire in Home Economics. But many of us are asking if Jimmy Tatro has a girlfriend, and if so, who is she?

Jimmy Tatro and Girlfriend Zoey Deutch
Jimmy Tatro and his Girlfriend Zoey Deutch

Jimmy Tatro does have a girlfriend, Zoey Deutch.

Just on Valentine’s Day 2021, Jimmy confirmed that he is in fact dating Zoey Deutch. He posted a carousel of Zoey, captioning the photo, “Just using today as an excuse to post some top-notch untapped Zoey content,” to which she commented, “Untapped? You sure bout [sic] that…?”

The two of them are clearly both very silly and love making jokes together, so they seem like a great pair. Jimmy also recently shared an Instagram story of Zoey after getting the COVID-19 vaccine holding his hand, totally knocked out from it, which is not uncommon. So while there’s no evidence the two have been dating longer than a couple of months, it’s very likely they have been and just had not gone public.

Zoey Deutch is also an actor — with some very famous parents.

While some of us may be more familiar with Jimmy Tatro, others may actually know more about Zoey Deutch. Zoey comes from Hollywood royalty, as her mother is Back to the Future‘s Lea Thompson, and her father is frequent John Hughes collaborator and director Howard Deutch. 

She herself is an actor who’s worked on several projects and got her start on Disney Channel’s spinoff Suite Life on Deck as Zack Martin’s love interest. 

Jimmy Tatro's Girlfriend, Zoey Deutch
Jimmy Tatro’s Girlfriend, Zoey Deutch

More recently, Zoey played the recurring role of Infinity Jackson in The Politician, as well as starring in Set It Up as Harper and Zombieland: Double Tap as Madison. Zoey definitely has a long list of her own credits going all the way back to 2011. It’s no surprise the 26-year-old actress has linked up with Jimmy, who is 29, to form the most real and funniest couple in Hollywood. 

Before dating Zoey Deutch, Jimmy Tatro dated his ex-girlfriend Emily Osment.

Clearly, Jimmy Tatro has a type — ex-Disney stars. Emily Osment got her start on Hannah Montana as the quirky best friend Lilly. According to multiple sources, Emily and Jimmy dated from October 2013 to March 2015.

Emily shared in a 2014 article (via The Sun), “We don’t publicly talk about [our relationship], but if you follow us on social media, you could figure it out.” 

They apparently met through a mutual friend, which makes sense because Jimmy, although a well-known YouTuber at the time, was just starting to break into television and movies.

Jimmy Tatro and ex-girlfriend Emily Osment.SOURCE: GETTY
Jimmy Tatro and ex-girlfriend Emily Osment.

Now, Jimmy is continuing to make waves, with or without a girlfriend (although definitely with for the moment). And even though American Vandal was not renewed on Netflix for a third season, it looks like Jimmy has a whole host of new projects coming up, and we can’t wait.

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