How Much Money Does John King Make? CNN’s John King’s Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Kids, and More

What is John King’s net worth? John King played an important role during the 2020 election night and he is still doing well today amid having MS.

CNN host John King has covered American politics for decades. Millions of Americans have tuned in to watch him provide poll updates via a high-tech U.S. map on election nights.

Recently, King shared the personal news that he’s living with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. King talked to NIH MedlinePlus magazine about his MS journey and why he decided to speak out 13 years after his diagnosis.

As millions of Americans waited with bated breath for the 2020 election results to roll in via multiple news networks, CNN’s John King played a pivotal role in relaying all of the right information to them. He spent hours on air, almost nonstop, from the time coverage began, well into the early hours of the morning the following day. And people took notice.

Even for those who have never closely followed politics or even watched the news, seeing King in action with his “magic wall” of election results impressed them. So much so that Twitter went a bit wild commending the longtime news anchor for his stamina in staying awake and on his feet for so long.

CNN’s John King isn’t letting multiple sclerosis slow him down as he is still doing exceptionally well in his craft, and, as to be expected, many have questions about who he is and if CNN is paying the guy what he’s worth.

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How much does John King make?

King has been a journalist and TV news anchor for decades. And, while he began the major points of his career as a writer for the Associated Press, he joined CNN in 1997. From there, he rose through the ranks as a chief correspondent for the White House and the United States as a whole. Because of his experience with the network and as an anchor, King’s yearly salary is very likely in the millions.

According to CNN, on-air anchors can earn anywhere from five figures to millions, depending on experience. Given King’s experience and a number of years with CNN, he likely makes more than $1 million in his yearly salary. Fox News’ Sean Hannity makes $40 million and Robin Roberts makes $18 million as a co-host of Good Morning America, so King is more than likely sitting pretty on CNN.

John King’s net worth is pretty impressive.

With King’s salary likely in the millions, it’s no wonder that, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his overall net worth is $7 million and salary is $2 million per year. Though to be fair, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was even higher than that. And King’s coverage on CNN goes well beyond the election. He has also guided Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic as well as politics in general.

But, he told the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, being on television wasn’t always his plan.

“I had no interest in being in television,” King said. “I had worked for the Associated Press for 12 years. I started in Rhode Island. I came to Boston. Talk about luck:  We had a great guy, Chris Daley, who was running our State House bureau at the time; he was a fabulous reporter who didn’t want to go to Iowa, didn’t want to go to New Hampshire… So they looked around and said, ‘All right, kid, how about you?’ I was 23 years old. I was pretty cool.”

Who is John King’s ex-wife?

Somewhere along the way in his busy career, King was married twice and had three kids. And his ex-wife, Dana Bash, is a fellow CNN anchor and correspondent. After just four years of marriage, they divorced in 2012. Together, they had one child and, as it stands, King has three kids total.

So when he’s not busy on his feet all day and night trying to keep America in the know, King is likely busy with them.

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