Who Is Josh Duhamel In A Relationship With Now? Meet Audra Mari, His Second Married Wife

Josh Duhamel’s wife Audra Mari has a Beauty Pageant Past — Let’s meet her!

Remember when Josh Duhamel was married to Fergie? Good times. Although, apparently not for them, because the gorgeous couple divorced in 2019. The Shotgun Wedding actor has since moved on with a new woman and, in fact, tied the knot for a second time in 2022.

The new Mrs. Duhamel is named Audra Mari. Let’s get to know the woman who stole this heartthrob’s heart and crushed the dreams of women everywhere who may have hoped for a chance with the hunky star.

So, who is Josh Duhamel’s second wife?

Josh Duhamel's wife Audra in a beauty competition.

Although once upon a time Josh and Fergie said they planned to renew their wedding vows annually, that ship has sailed. It seems the duo moved on amicably, perhaps in large part because the former spouses share one child, Axl. Now, Audra is officially the tot’s stepmother, having said “I do” to the Transformers actor in the fall of 2022.

Their romance kicked off in 2019 when a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Josh and Audra met through mutual friends and get along really well. The two have a great time together and are on the same page about what they want their future to be.”

At the time, fans weren’t sure who Audra was, but have since found out that she has a pretty impressive résumé of her own. Josh’s other half is a beauty pageant pro, and won titles such as Miss North Dakota Teen USA and Miss World America, per Page Six.

In January of 2022, the Safe Haven star asked Audra to be his wife, announcing his happy news on Instagram. Incidentally, Fergie congratulated the soon-to-be newlyweds in the comments section.

In September of that year, Audra officially became Josh’s wife. The couple have both documented how joyful they feel about the union, with Josh saying about their wedding day, “What an amazing day. I feel so lucky to have so many great friends, a supporting family, and now a wife that makes it all that much better. I love you babe.” For her part, Audra gushed about the nuptials, “I just want to do it again and again.”

Josh plays a groom in ‘Shotgun Wedding.’

Art imitates life in Josh’s new movie co-starring Jennifer Lopez, who is also a newlywed. Shotgun Wedding tells the story of Darcy and Tom, who are planning an over-the-top destination wedding in the Philippines. According to Variety, in a twist fans won’t see coming, it’s Tom who is the “groomzilla” while Darcy wants the affair to be toned down. Then, the wedding is hijacked by pirates, per IMDb, and the movie turns into an action flick, which also looks really funny.

The movie is available Jan. 27, 2023 on Amazon Prime and we can’t wait to watch, especially since Shotgun Wedding also stars the incomparable Jennifer Coolidge as Josh’s mom, who, much like us, is in awe of J.Lo’s body. In the trailer for the movie she hilariously asks if the star’s incredible physique is the result of genetics or pilates. Did we mention Lenny Kravitz plays Darcy’s ex? Like we said, we can’t wait to watch!

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