Where Do The Kardashian Kids Go To School Now? 

We finally figured out where the Kardashians send their kids to school. Shockingly, is a private school full of celebrity kids.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know by now that Kim Kardashian, 41, is studying law despite having no college degree. Whatever, she found a loophole and you can too, as long as you dropped out of college with enough credits. 

Anyway, while most Kardashian aficionados are busy obsessing over Kim and her sisters and whether any of them actually went to college, many seem disinterested in the younger generation of Kardashians who are actually thriving academically!

We’re talking about Kimye’s daughter, North, and Kourtney’s daughter, Penelope, who posed together in their adorable uniforms on their first day back from spring break. “Spring Break is over ,” Kim captioned the photo of the cousins about a week ago. 

So, where do the Kardashian kids go to school?

Because the photo wasn’t location-tagged, we did a little bit of digging to figure this out. Now, I need to out myself as a uniform girl, because as any readers will know, uniforms can recognize uniforms, and I was always able to figure out where my peers went to school based on the colors of their plaid skirts!

Though I graduated from my uniform days over a decade ago, I think this is an acquired skill for life. Anyway, when I caught sight of the blue and white skirt North and Penelope were rocking, I have to admit it looked very familiar. Not just because mine was pretty similar, but because that seems to be the lower school spring uniform for the Sierra Canyon School. Alternate skirt options seem to be a solid gray, khaki, or navy — lucky kids!

where do the kardashian kids go to school

The school North West, other Kardashian kids attend is reportedly the Sierra Canyon School, a preparatory co-ed day school for pupils from pre-kindergarten through to 12th grade.

The family always stays together for the Kardashians. During a recent interview on Live! With Kelly and RyanKim Kardashian shared details about her morning routine with a house full of kids. The 41-year-old reality tv personality and businesswoman said, “it’s madhouse chaos,” trying to get NorthSaint, and Chicago ready for school.

“I do carpool every single day; that’s my thing. All my sisters do, so we see each other at school,” Kim said, revealing that all the kids in the family attend the same educational institution. “It’s like, seven cousins all go to the same school,” she continued. “There’s three in one class, one in another, two in another, two in another.”

According to The Kardashians star, they are even closer after seeing each other daily. “It’s so fun. And they’re so close, so it’s so much fun.”

Kim also revealed that Khloé Kardashian’s daughter True, 4, began attending school. “Dropping off in preschool is really hard to walk away, but I’ve done it so many times,” Kim explained. “So I’ll get out, and I’ll peek through the window. Khloé will stay all day.”

You might recall that Kim and Kourtney’s sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner also attended Sierra Canyon — where tuition runs between $27,550 and $36,250 depending on the grade — for some of their schoolings, before focusing on their careers and reverting to homeschooling. 

But the Jenner girls aren’t Sierra Canyon School’s only notable celebrity alums. Alec Baldwin, Jamie Foxx, and Will Smith all decided to send their daughters there. Fashion designers Michael Kuluva and Cecilia Cassini also graduated from this Chatsworth, CA day school, as did Marvin Bagley III of the Sacramento Kings.

where do the kardashian kids go to school

Although it’s not touted as the best school academically speaking, Sierra Canyon is where you want to send your kid if you’d like to end up with an “all-around well-balanced child,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. We suppose that explains why so many wealthy and notoriously out-of-touch celebs choose to send their kids here.

“Students here are taught that academic and extracurricular success fuel one another, and are encouraged to try new athletics — we have a no-cut athletic policy — and all students take an arts curriculum that includes everything from visual arts to film studies,” the head of Sierra Canyon School told THR

Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne opened up about her experience at Sierra Canyon to echo those sentiments. “From middle school through high school, we were encouraged to seek out hobbies or studies that interested us personally,” she said. Plus, Sierra Canyon boasts pretty impressive diversity stats. Forty-eight percent of students identify as students of color, and families come from 90 different zip codes.

Meanwhile, Kanye West proposed that Kim Kardashian should allow their kids to attend his school, Donda Academy.

He posted the screenshots of his messages to Kim about why their kids should be enrolled in Donda Academy, a mysterious Christian prep school set by the Grammy-winning rapper. As of today, it doesn’t seem as if any of Ye’s children currently attend Donda Academy. Earlier this month, Ye took issue with his kids’ schooling in since-deleted Instagram posts, making clear he wanted the kids to attend Donda Academy part-time, and he told GMA he “absolutely” wants them to, adding, “I’m their dad.

In other news, Kim K has hired more security at her kids’ school.

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