Kim Kardashian Discloses How Long It Took Her To Introduce Her Children To Her Boyfriend Pete Davidson | Video

Reality star Kim Kardashian reveals she consulted her sisters and a few therapists before introducing her children to Pete Davidson.

While appearing on the Today Show this Tuesday to talk about everything including her Marilyn Monroe dress, and skincare line, SKKN, Kim Kardashian also opened up about her new relationship with Pete Davidson and how she introduced him to her kids.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

The reality star explained to Hoda Kotb Savannah Guthrie that she decided on a specific time frame after talking with sister Kourtney, also divorced with kids, who she said has “been through it” and even consulted with “a few therapists.”

“I definitely wanted to wait six months and that was the marker. It’s different for everyone and different things work for different people,” Kardashian shared. “But you just have to do what feels right and try to just be as respectful and cautious as possible.”

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