Lana Rose: 78 Biography, Net Worth, And Wiki Fun Facts About YouTuber Mo Vlogs’ Sister

Instagram and YouTube star, Lana Rose – biography facts, her real name, country of origin, name of boyfriend, net worth, father, mother, pictures and more.

Lana Rose is a worldwide renowned internet sensation. In 2013, when she founded her YouTube channel “Lana Rose,” Lana began her career as a YouTuber. Her career as a professional Making-up Artist and a musical artist have been chosen and she posts her make-up tutorials on YouTube, along with her supercars and videos.

She is the daughter of Nadereh Samimi aka Naddia and Esmail Beiraghdary. She has a brother named Mohamed Beiraghdary or MO Vlogs.

Quick Facts about Lana Rose

Bio / Wiki
Full NameLana Rose
Real NameParisa Beiraghdary
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1989
Place of BirthDubai, United Arab Emirates
Star SignVirgo
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Lana Rose

In this article we would learn more about her nationality (whether she is from Iran, Dubai, or India), her family (names of her parents, sister, brother, and boyfriend), and many more of her biography facts.

Lana Rose Biography


Lana Rose is a famous Instagram and YouTube star.


Lana Rose’s real name is Parisa Beiraghdary.


She was born on September 21, 1989.


She is 31-year-old.


Her birthplace is Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


On Instagram, Lana Rose has 3.5 million followers.


On her YouTube channel, she has more than 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube.


Lana Rose found success as both a makeup and car enthusiast as she display both skills on her YouTube channel.


Lana Rose does music as her profession.


Lana Rose is a famous YouTuber who is known for her makeup, lifestyle, music & supercar videos which she posts on her channel.

Lana Rose


Lana’s nationality currently has never been disclosed on her YouTube channel, though she was born in Dubai, she is not Emirati.


Her mother is constantly heard speaking Persian, which is the language spoken by Iranians, so this makes Lana most likely Iranian.


Her last name is also an Iranian surname.


Lana has never disclosed her religion either, which is believed to be because she wants her viewers to think she comes from a royal Saudi bloodline.


Lana is actually believed to be an Iranian Muslim.


Rose has a healthy physique.


Currently, she has over 2.41 million subscribers on her YouTube channel & 3.5 Million followers on her Instagram.


Lana loves oil paintings, she has a separate room for this hobby in her home, and her creations are celestial.


She loves animals as well and has two cute cats.


Many prominent figures have appeared in her videos, such as Logan Paul and Karim Benzema, Mona Monica Kattan, Huda Kattan & KSI.

Lana Rose


She has met the content creator of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan.


She is a Muslim.


Her hair and eye color are dark browns.

# 24.

Her height is 167 (in centimeters), 1.67 (in meters), and 5’ 6” (in inches).


Her weight is 65 (in kilogram), 143 lbs (in pounds).


Her body measurement is 34-30-36.


She has a bra size of 34.


Her waist size is 30


Her hip size is 36.


Lana’s favorite movie is Dhoom 2.

Lana Rose


Her favorite food is Indian.


Her favorite color is purple and pink.


Lana’s favorite actress is Aishwarya Rai.


Her favorite actor is Hrithik Roshan.

What does Lana Rose do for a living (profession)?


Lana Rose is a musical artist, an influencer, makeup brand owner, and a YouTuber.


She is a worldwide renowned internet sensation.


In 2013, when she founded her channel “Lana Rose,” Lana began her career as a YouTuber.


Her career as a professional Making-up Artist has been chosen and she posts her make-up tutorials on YouTube, along with her supercars and videos.

Lana Rose’s Family (boyfriend, brother, parents)


Lana is actually a single, independent lady who is still busy with her make-up tutorials, sharing her shopping experiences and car love.


It’s alleged she had a relationship with “Cash Kicks”–who is at the top of the youngest millionaire in the world when he was just 15.


Lana Rose‘s brother is a popular car-related YouTuber called Mohamed Beiraghdary but known for his YouTube channel Mo Vlogs.


Her mother is called Nadereh Samimi aka Naddia.


Lana’s father is called Esmail Beiraghdary.


Lana Rose’s father Esmail Beiraghary and her mother Nadereh Samimi are divorced and she does not live with her father.

Who is Lana Rose brother? (About MO Vlogs)


Mo Vlogs is a famous YouTube Star.


He was born on March 8, 1995, and his birthplace is Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Mo is also well known as a Vlogger and gamer who found success with his luxury car-related videos #on his channel.


He has accumulated over 8 million subscribers.


Lana and Rose have collaborated in many videos on his YouTube channel called Mo Vlogs.


Lana went to higher education in London.


She returned to live in Dubai after finishing her education in London.

Lana Rose’s YouTube career


Lana started her own youtube channel in October 2013 where she provided tips on makeup and styling.


She is very concerned about the product material being created for her makeup tips.


She worked very honestly and dedicatedly, helping her channel to expand.


Currently, her youtube channel has over 2.41 million subscribers.


Her day-to-day experiences all are shared through her channel with her viewers.


A few months ago, she took a break from her youtube career because she wanted to concentrate on developing new talents like singing, music, and painting.


She returned later with amazing music videos with her friend, Mohamed Mitraghdary.


She has 111,617,301 views on her channel with 2.41 million subscribers.


Lana’s first video uploaded on her channel was titled “Scary message found on ancient lighthouse” and it has 456K views. His highest or popular view is “Gucci Gucci” which has 7.8 Million views.


Lana has few cameras she uses to record and make her videos. The one she uses the most is the canon g7x. She also has a canon 70d and some go pros.


Lana uses iMovie and final cut pro x to edit his vlogs.


Lana Rose is known professionally as a musical artist aside from being a YouTube and makeup star just like her brother, Mo Vlogs. She has songs like “Gucci Gucci“, “Feel So Real”, Boss Up, On My Way, Side Effects” and many more.


Her contact details are; Business email:
P.O. BOX 393970 DUBAI

Lana Rose’s cars, and sources of income


From her income, Lana lives a luxurious lifestyle as well as her brother Mo Vlogs.


Lana is a lover of luxury cars as she purchased Lamborghini Huracan in 2014, which cost over $250,000.


Modeling, painting, monetizing from YouTube videos & vlogs are the main source of Lana’s profits


Lana Rose was born in Dubai in a prominent Sheik family of high profile.


Most of her income comes from her family’s oil business.


YouTube and music are her part-time fashion.


She and her brother tell the world about Dubai’s lifestyle and cars.


She is an easy girl with an oozing intellect, not just a normal YouTube makeup artist, who is very interested in teaching her fans and subscribers to everything about-faces artistry.

How rich is Lana Rose? Net Worth and YouTube Earnings (Social Blade)


Lana Rose is worth $4 million with YouTube revenue or earnings, Modeling, painting, as her main source of profits.


Lana makes daily estimated earnings of $4 – $98 from YouTube.


Lana makes weekly estimated earnings of $43 – $687 on YouTube.


She makes monthly estimated earnings of $184 – $2.9K on YouTube.


She makes yearly estimated earnings of $2.2K – $35.3k on YouTube according to Social Blade.

Lana Rose’s social media accounts (handles)


Lana Rose is found on almost all social media platforms. Follow her on social here;,,,,

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