20 Fun Facts About Lauren Simmons (Stock Trader): Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Kids, Bio, NYSE, Etc

Who is Lauren Simmons and what is she famous for? Here are 20 untold facts about the famous successful female stock trader.

Lauren Simmons is an American producer, writer, and former stock trader for Rosenblatt Securities. She became the youngest and only current full-time female trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

She also became the second African American woman in the Exchange’s 228-year history to have such a position. Simmons left Wall Street in December 2018. In 2018, she was on Ebony’s Power 100 list and was named a Woman of Impact by Politico.

She spends $215 on transportation monthly, including car insurance, and about $20 to charge her Tesla, which she leases under her LLC. In 2021, Simmons moved to Los Angeles and earned $650,000 in a year. She previously earned $12,000 per year working at Wall Street firm. In 2022, she’s on track to earn $1 million.

How rich is Lauren Simmons? How much is Lauren Simmons worth? What is Lauren Simmons’s net worth? How old is Lauren Simmons? How Much Does Lauren Simmons make? Where is Lauren Simmons now? What did Lauren Simmons study? Who was the first woman to own a seat on the NYSE? TheVibely has compiled 20 facts that answer these and more queries about the trader.

Lauren Simmons’ Profile Summary

Full Real Name:Lauren Simmons
Net Worth:$2 million – $5 million
Date of Birth/BirthdayAugust 11, 1994
Age:28 Years Old
Birthplace:Marietta, GA, United States
College/University:Marietta High School; Kennesaw State University
Years Active:2018–present
Profession:Finance Trader
Known For:Youngest and only (current, but not first) full-time female trader at New York Stock Exchange
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Father’s Name:Not Known
Mother Name:Not Known
Siblings:twin brother, and younger sister
Marital Status:Not Married
Boyfriend:Not Known
Sexual Orientation:Straight
TV Show:Going Public
Podcast:Money Moves
Lauren Simmons: 20 Biography Facts About The Stock Trader: Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Kids, Bio, NYSE, Photos, Etc

1. Who is Lauren Simmons?

Lauren Simmons is an American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, producer, writer, host of the Going Public streaming show, and a former stock trader for Rosenblatt Securities.

Lauren Simmons: 20 Biography Facts About The Stock Trader: Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Kids, Bio, NYSE, Photos, Etc

2. How old is Lauren Simmons? (Age, Birthday, Birthplace, & Residence)

Lauren Simmons is 28 years old as of March 2023. She was born on August 11, 1994. She celebrates her birthday on August 11th of every year. Coming August 11, 2023, Lauren will turn 29 years old. She is an American and comes from Marietta, GA, United States. She currently lives in Los Angeles – New York City, where she works from.

Lauren Simmons: 20 Biography Facts About The Stock Trader: Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Kids, Bio, NYSE, Photos, Etc

3. How did Lauren Simmons become famous?

On March 6, 2017, at age 22, Lauren Simmons made history as the youngest full-time female stock trader on Wall Street. She was also the second African American woman equity trader since the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was established in 1792. She previously worked at the Rosenblatt Security. 

“In 2017 I said no to limiting beliefs so I could say yes to shattering glass ceilings and making history. I continue to bet on myself and stand above all the no’s people throw my way. Frankly, I thrive on people who doubt me,” Simmons shared on Instagram.

She is also famous for being a motivational speaker who has been an inspiration to people throughout the world. 

4. How tall is Lauren Simmons? (Height and Body Measurements)

Unfortunately, her body measurements: height and weight details are not known yet we can say, she carries a great personality. She has fair skin color with black hair.

Lauren has got eye-catching looks and a lovely smile with a powerful and fearless appearance. Her body language tells it all that she maintains a healthy living and she is diet conscious.

5. Who are Lauren Simmons’s parents? (Family Life: Mother, Father, Siblings & Relatives)

Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Simmons has only given an account of her mother as she has revealed she taught her how to manage and save money when she was little. She is raised by a single mother along with her young sister, and twin brothers who are suffering from Cerebral Palsy. Because of this reason, she showed interest to work as a genetic counselor too.

6. Where did Lauren Simmons attend school? Details on her educational background.

Simmons was raised in Marietta, Georgia. She had her High School education at Marietta High School and continued to secure her bachelor’s degree in genetics from Kennesaw State University in 2016 with plans to pursue a career in genetic counseling. However, she decided instead to move to New York City, and once there she met Richard Rosenblatt through networking.

7. Is Lauren Simmons Married? Her Husband, Boyfriend and Dating History

The 28-year old Equity Trader Lauren Simmons hasn’t revealed anything about her personal relationship yet which indicates she might be currently single and focused on her career or she is probably keeping her love life private. However, she was in a relationship with a guy for the last 5 years but they broke up.

In her interview on CNBC Make It, Simmons revealed that the only thing she learned and still practices from her ex-boyfriend is meditation.

8. Recognitions, Awards and Honors

She was named to Ebony‘s Power 100 list in 2018 and was also awarded 2018 Women of Impact by Politico. Lauren has become a role model to many people so based on her life, actress and singer Kiersey Clemons is going to play her role in her Biographic movie.

9. Professional Career

According to her LinkedIn, Simmons started working at Saks Inc before she graduated. She continued to work there after graduation as an Associate Business Analyst and Sales Manager, supervising a team of employees and selling over $15,000 daily.

Then, Simmons landed an opportunity with Rosenblatt Securities in 2017 at age 22 and became the youngest and only woman trader on the New York Stock Exchange. She also became the second African American woman in the Exchange’s 228-year history to have such a position. As an NYSE equity trader, Simmons managed customer order flow with a notational value of over $150 million dollars daily. She also executed across various financial sectors on behalf of buy-side and sell-side institutions.

“I fell in love with the numbers and the fast movement, and the men in the trading jackets, and everything was moving so fast and I’m loving it,” she told BBC’s, Joe Miller.

During her time as a full-time equity trader, she earned $12,000 per year. She left the position in December 2018 and cited exclusion by her coworkers after she received press coverage as one of her reasons for leaving.

“While I’m forever grateful for that opportunity and stepping stone, I appreciate it more so for the life experiences that it has lent me because truth be told, all that glitters isn’t always gold,” Simmons shared with Business Insider.

10. Lauren quit working at Wall Street firm in 2018 to pursue her dream

After spending nearly two years as an equity trader, Simmons left the Wall Street firm in December 2018 to pursue her own path.

“It was a fast-paced, exciting new environment, in which I gained a lot. I was also only making $12,000/year on the floor, so my enjoyment and eagerness were pure,” Lauren shares with Business Insider.

When social media followers discovered Simmons’ annual compensation, they were shocked. One LinkedIn connection asked if she meant $120,000 instead of $12,000 per year. Lauren revealed that her family was able to support her during that time. Another follower asked if her job was an internship or if the $12,000 was a typo. Simmons confirmed that it was not an internship.

In her Business Insider article, Lauren opens up about the barriers that still exist for Black women in finance. “While no one was overtly racist, sexist, or inappropriate to my face, it was glaringly obvious that there was an unspoken camaraderie that I would never be privy to.”

Lauren acknowledges the team of individuals who championed her success as an equity trader. But she admits that it wasn’t a hard decision for her to leave the NYSE and step into her next chapter. The young Wall Street pioneer is gearing up to host a new digital series, Going Public, and preparing for the release of her book.

11. Endeavors

Lauren Simmons is currently working as an employee for ‘CTRL USA’. She is working as the Vice President of category Risk Investment at CTRL – a private equity company. She was the former full-time Stock Trader at “New York Stock Exchange” and former equity trader of “Rosenblatt Securities”.

She is the co-executive producer on a forthcoming biographical film about her life, starring and co-produced with Kiersey Clemons for AGC Studios.

As of 2021 to date, the now 27-year-old Simmons is the host and producer of the web series Going Public, which helps viewers invest in companies that are preparing to release an IPO. She is an advocate for the financial sector to take steps to increase diversity and inclusion. Simmons is writing a book about personal finance.

She is a motivational speaker and hosts the podcast, Money Moves. Her Money Moves podcast is a go-to community where Lauren & guests share tips on how to make money work for you and shift your financial mindset to live your best life.

12. Lauren saves 85% of her annual income

Simmons grew up in Marietta, Georgia, with her mom, twin brother, and younger sister. She credits her mom’s strict budgeting for how she learned to save 85% of her income, which she began doing while earning just $12,000 in New York City. It was barely enough to pay for transportation while she lived with the family in nearby New Jersey, and she didn’t spend any money on going out.

Despite making a name for herself in the financial world, Simmons doesn’t feel like an expert all the time. She only began investing in the stock market during the 2020 pandemic downturn. She keeps her emergency fund, savings, and retirement money all in one bank account. And she unapologetically splurges on Bath & Body Works candles: “Any time they have a sale, I am there.”

As for managing her own money, “I think that there are days that I’m decent at it,” Simmons says, but “I know that there’s a lot to learn every time I get to a different phase in my life.”

“One thing I’ve noticed is that, in general, most people have poor spending habits and struggle to save money. It may sound intense, but I save 85% of my annual income. This was just something I was taught as a child; if my monthly allowance was $50, then I would only spend $7 to $8 that month”.

13. She Limites lifestyle inflation to save money

“At my first job on Wall Street in 2017, I was making $12,000 per year. Now my annual income has increased by more than 5,000% — mostly through my streaming show and speaking events’.

“So even though I went from making $12,000 to $650,000, I am very clear about my wants versus my needs and still stick to the 85% savings plan”.

14. She pays her rent in advance

“I pay my rent for the entire year up-front. This way, if I run into an unexpected situation that affects my finances, I know I’m covered and don’t have to stress about my housing expense”.

“If you can’t pay for a full year in advance, try to pay for six months, then start saving for the next six months. If you set a fixed amount of money aside and stick to your budget, you’ll be less likely to spend on things you don’t need”.

Simmons rent cost is $3,850, paid for one year upfront, and includes Wi-Fi, water, and parking

15. She owns an electric vehicle instead of a gas car

She spends $215 on transportation monthly, including car insurance, and about $20 to charge her Tesla, which she leases under her LLC.

“When I moved from New York City (where public transportation is the norm) to California in 2021, I knew I’d have to buy a car. For environmental reasons, I opted for an electric vehicle instead of a gas car. It ended up making a world of difference for my budget”.

“While the average price per gallon in California is $4.68, I spend less than $30 per month to charge my car. There are so many new electric cars hitting the market, and I recommend looking for one that fits your budget”.

16. Lauren doesn’t spend money on junk food

“I’m quite mindful of what I put in my body and how it makes me feel. Opting for healthier food options can be more expensive sometimes, but what I eat has helped me stay focused and energized”.

“That said, I keep a strict grocery budget of $250 per month. To cut down on costs, I don’t buy sugary snacks or other expensive and unhealthy items. So rather than paying extra for junk food, I keep fresh fruit around me all day to snack on”.

17. She shares her streaming subscriptions with her family and works out at home

“I pay for our Hulu family subscription. Meanwhile, one of my family members covers Netflix, and another covers Prime Video”.

“This lets all of us watch our favorite shows without having to hook up a cable box, and is such an easy way to get access to multiple streaming services while saving hundreds of dollars a year”.

She spends $24 on meditation apps Hay House, Hulu, and The New York Times.

Gym memberships can be great, but also very costly. In New York, it can set you back by up to $3,260 per year, to cut down the cost of living, Laurene works out at home.

“For me, bodyweight exercise that I can do anywhere is my best friend. I’ve also invested in weights and some other gym equipment, which allow me to work out at home alongside my favorite YouTube workout videos”.

“I also take advantage of hiking and other free, outdoor activities that get me moving. I love biking, and while I don’t own one, there are many rental services that offer the first hour for free”.

18. She Knows her risk tolerance and has plans on off-season vacations

“Understanding your risk tolerance can help dictate how you save and invest. I’m conservative with my investing choices, but I balance them with practical risks”.

“For example, one of my savings accounts is worth $10,000 and only grew to $10,053 in two years. That’s not ideal, but at least I know I won’t lose that investment. Meanwhile, my investment in a higher-risk stock grew from $327 to $5,900 in less than 12 months last year”.

“Since we’re still living in a pandemic, I often work from home. But even with increased flexibility, I still need to keep my mental sanity in check. So, I travel”.

“Going on vacation during the off-season helps me save a lot of money. One of my favorite places to travel in the U.S. is Florida. I pay 45% to 65% less on airfare and beachfront rentals in the spring and fall than I would in the summer. And the weather is just as amazing!”.

19. What is Lauren Simmons’ Net Worth? (Earnings, Revenue & Salary)

In 2021, Simmons moved to Los Angeles and earned $650,000 in a year. She previously earned $12,000 per year working at Wall Street firm. Lauren has an estimated net worth of $2 million to $5 million in 2023. Lauren Simmons earns her money through speaking engagements, brand partnerships, project deals and, most recently, a hosting gig with the streaming series “Going Public.” “That’s why we’re trying to fight societal norms and have these open dialogs and change the mindset of people,” she says.

20. Becoming a millionaire

Last year (2022), Simmons expected to earn $1 million across brand deals, partnerships, speaking engagements, and returns on investing in companies. But even for someone who loves talking about money, it still feels awkward to say out loud.

Simmons knows all too well that when young women succeed at work, “we don’t get the same kudos as our male counterparts.” But those reminders only make her want to talk about her accomplishments and pay even more.

“That’s why we’re trying to fight societal norms and have these open dialogs and change the mindset of people,” she says. She wants to eliminate the stereotype that “young, successful women who make a lot of money are bragging.”

The million-dollar milestone carries a lot of personal significance, too: “I’m the first person in my family to graduate with a college degree,” she says. “My family and I have come a long way, and I’m super grateful.”

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @lasimmons; @goingpublic

Facebook: @LaurenSimmonsOffiical

LinkedIn: @LaurenSimmons

Twitter: @Laurendorphin



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