How Much Is Leva Bonaparte’s Net Worth? The ‘Southern Charm’ Star Has An Impressive Fortune

What is Leva Bonaparte’s net worth? The reality star earns money from her career in the hospitality industry and the joint business she owns with her husband Lamar Bonaparte.

Leva Bonaparte is an entrepreneur and TV personality that has gained an audience after joining the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm.

Leva Bonaparte Profile Summary

  • Profession: Reality TV personality and entrepreneur
  • Net worth: 3,600,000
  • Birthdate: May 3, 1979
  • Birthplace: India
  • Children: One son born in 2018
  • Marriages: Lamar Bonaparte (m.2013)

It seems that every season of Bravo’s Southern Charm brings in new cast members for viewers to explore. For instance, Leva Bonaparte joined the cast in the beginning as a guest and later graduated to a full-time cast member in Season 7. Lately, fans have been interested in learning more about her. After all, Leva gave Kathryn Dennis quite the tongue-lashing in Season 7.

However, one thing viewers love about Leva is that she’s an accomplished entrepreneur and a family woman. And since it appears that Leva lives a luxurious lifestyle, fans are wondering about her finances. So, what is Leva Bonaparte’s net worth? Here’s the full scoop.

Leva Bonaparte's net worth

Leva Bonaparte’s net worth is set to skyrocket.

As of this writing, Thrilling shares that Leva has earned a net worth of $3.6 million. This figure is a combination of Leva’s career in the hospitality industry, along with her joint business venture — Republic Development and Management Group — with her husband, Lamar Bonaparte. Plus, the outlet shares that Leva brings in a cool $25,000 by appearing on the Bravo series. Not to mention, Leva and her hubby own a few restaurants, nightclubs, and bars in the Charleston area.

Leva Bonaparte once called out Kathryn Dennis for having “white privilege.”

It’s no secret that controversy runs amok with certain cast members of Southern Charm. In fact, Kathryn Dennis, received tons of criticism online for allegedly using a monkey emoji in a conversation with a Black woman.

In the Season 7 trailer, Leva can be seen calling out Kathryn for having “white privilege” and her world being tainted by that fact. Not to mention, once Leva learned about Kathryn’s relationship with Chleb Ravenell, it confirmed her feelings about Kathryn’s skewed view and strategic move after the fallout.

“I didn’t really think it was real,” Leva told People. “That was her strategic move, I guess. Banging a Black guy doesn’t make you woke.”

While Leva’s words may have been harsh, many fans felt that she was keeping it real. And of course, viewers are looking forward to Leva not only showcasing her professional life, but being the voice of reason on Southern Charm.

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