Is Luke Grimes In A Relationship, and Who Has He Dated? His Current Wife, Girlfriends, Exes, Dating History

Who is Luke Grimes married to and who has he been in a relationship with in the past? Inside ‘Yellowstone’ actor Luke Grimes’s relationship history.

Although actor Luke Grimes plays Yellowstone heartthrob Kayce Dutton, fans may not know that he’s a heartbreaker in real life. The actor rose to fame with roles in True Blood, American Sniper, and Fifty Shades of Grey, but now he’s pivoted to playing the youngest Dutton sibling in the Paramount Plus drama series that has taken television by storm.

What is Luke Grimes’ relationship history? Here’s a look inside his love life (and what you need to know about his now-wife!).

Gillian Zinser (2011-2015)

Gillian Zinser and Luke Grimes
Gillian Zinser and Luke Grimes

Actress Gillian Zinser is best known for playing Ivy Sullivan on the CW series 90210. She’s made several guest appearances on TV over the years, most recently in the series Stumptown. Her film credits include Liars All, Halfway, Band-Aid, and, most recently, the 2022 horror film Smile.

Gillian and Luke kept their relationship private, but the duo did attend several awards shows together throughout the years to quietly support one another. It is ultimately unclear when their breakup occurred or why, but it’s often difficult to keep Hollywood relationships private, so we applaud their confidentiality.

Charlize Theron (2013)

Charlize Theron, Luke Grimes
Charlize Theron, Luke Grimes

Luke Grimes and Charlize Theron were reportedly spotted getting “cozy” at a party in Santa Monica, Calif., in November 2013. However, rumors of their potential relationship were swiftly debunked, per Bustle.

In 2010, Charlize separated from her long-term partner Stuart Townsend, but began a relationship with fellow actor Sean Penn in 2013 shortly after she was “spotted” with Luke.

Bianca Rodrigues Grimes (2016–)

Bianca and Luke Grimes
Bianca and Luke Grimes

Luke reportedly tied the knot with Brazilian model Bianca Rodrigues Grimes on Nov. 21, 2018, according to several of her throwback Instagram posts celebrating the occasion. The two supposedly started dating in 2016.

The couple reportedly lives in Montana, where Yellowstone is filmed. While Luke and Bianca do not currently have any children, they have two adorable Bengal cats named Buck and Zelda.

The duo have also bonded over their shared musical tastes, especially the stylings of country artist Colter Wall. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Luke revealed that he has aspirations to record an album. In the meantime, he and Bianca listen to Colter for inspiration. “We have a record player system in our house and Colter’s [albums are] sitting right there next to it,” Luke revealed.

It sounds like married life is pretty sweet for Luke. To catch up on his exploits as Kayce Dutton, don’t forget to tune into new episodes of Yellowstone, Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Paramount Network.

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