Is Martha Stewart Married, Who Is She In A Relationship With? Details On Her Husband, Boyfriends, Dating History

Tv chef Martha Stewart is known for her recipes, attitude, and friendship with Snoop Dogg, but who is she dating right now?

Whether you know of Martha Stewart for her lifestyle media brand, her television appearances, or her time in federal prison for insider trading, there’s no denying her influence.

Many believed that her lifestyle empire would crumble following her time behind bars, but Martha managed to grow it, and she’s more relevant now than ever before.

From Martha’s thirst traps on Instagram to her unexpected friendship with rapper Snoop Dogg, she’s simply become an icon.

But, what die-hard Martha fans really want to know is if she’s sharing her life (and recipes) with anyone.

Who is Martha Stewart dating now? Find out about her past marriages and public relationships, and what she’s said about her ideal man.

Martha Stewart’s dating history is pretty impressive.

martha stewart instagram
One of Martha Stewart’s signature “thirst traps” on Instagram.

In the decades since Martha became a TV personality and publicly renowned chef, she’s kept her dating life fairly under the radar. In 1961, at the age of 20, she married lawyer Andrew Stewart, and gave birth to her only child, Alexis Stewart, in 1965. The pair split in the mid-’80s, and their divorce was finalized in 1990.

Martha subsequently dated actor Sir Anthony Hopkins in the ’90s but split with him after she watched The Silence of the Lambs.

When appearing on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2006, Martha explained that she couldn’t help but think of her then-beau as Hannibal Lecter. 

“Oh, I loved him, but he was… scary. I was going to invite him up to Maine. I have this beautiful home in Maine, but then I reconsidered because I saw that movie again,” she told the radio host. “Do you want someone eating your brain while you are sitting in your beautiful dining room in Maine?”

Martha Stewart with ex-boyfriend Charles Simonyi.

She continued, “I would have probably had a very nice relationship with Anthony Hopkins, but I couldn’t get past the Lecter thing.”

Martha also dated software billionaire Charles Simonyi for a whopping 15 years, beginning in 1993. The two stayed together through Martha’s legal battles, and while she was in prison from 2004 to 2005.

WhosDatedWho reports that Martha Stewart has been in a relationship with Carl Bernstein.

Also, Martha was rumored to be dating Pete Davidson following his split from reality star and beauty guru, Kim Kardashian.

Who is Martha Stewart dating today? She is single but ready to mingle.

martha stewart justin bieber
Martha Stewart went on a “date” with Justin Bieber for ‘Interview’ in 2015.

Following her split from Charles, Martha hasn’t had any significant relationship that she’s shared with the public. However, she has revealed that she is an online dater, and what her type is.

In 2013, she confirmed that she had made a profile, and that she had gone on a few dates, but that none had really panned out.

However, according to Page Six, in a December 2021 interview on Watch What Happens Live, Martha hinted that there’s someone new in her romantic life, though she gave no details about who he is.

“I shouldn’t say no. I mean yes, but I’m not going to tell you,” she said when asked about her relationship status. She suggested she thought she and her new beau were just friends, but then they became something more.

More recently, after appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Martha told Entertainment Tonight that she has gotten some DMs, but she is not focused on dating.

“I’ve gotten a few inquiries. Just a couple,” she said of potential dates, but that she is working hard. “You have to make time for certain things. My garden is very important… I have two amazing grandchildren.”

Martha Stewart does have an ideal man in man…

As the first-ever female self-made billionaire, you can’t really fault Martha for having high expectations when it comes to her perfect man. On The Corp, she noted that she’d want a love interest to have multiple modes of transportation at his disposal.

“A boat would be nice. A plane would be nice too… I’d like a helicopter,” she said on the show.

When she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in December of 2016, the Martha Stewart Living founder also said that her dream man is on the younger side. 

Upon being asked to describe her perfect match, she said that he would be “not older, definitely not older, about 10 years younger.”

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