Who Is Luciana Barroso, Matt Damon’s Wife, And How Many Kids Do They Have Together?

How long has Matt Damon been married? The Hollywood actor is among the celebrities who married normal people as his wife was a bartender. Read on for more.

For the last 16 years, Matt Damon has been a happily married man, having exchanged his wedding vows with wife Luciana Barroso way back in December 2005. Unlike many big names in Hollywood, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find much tabloid fodder about the woman who holds the Jason Bourne star’s heart. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find much information at all.

As an extremely private civilian, the actor’s significant other tends to keep a fairly low profile. So who exactly is Matt Damon’s wife, you ask? We did a deep dive to find out everything you need to know about Matt’s other half.

She was born overseas.


The brunette beauty has roots in Salta, Argentina, where she was born and reportedly later raised by her Italian grandparents, according to Closer magazine.

She met the actor while working as a bartender.


Luciana and Matt have one of the most endearing love story beginnings of any couple in Hollywood. She shared their meet-cute with Vogue Australia in May 2018, recounting to the publication the night she was working as a bartender in Miami when Matt and his film crew came in for a drink. “Matt’s story is that he saw me across the room and there was a light on me. And I’m like, ‘Yeah it was a nightclub—there were lights everywhere!’”

As if that wasn’t adorable enough, Luciana said the actor actually took refuge from his adoring fans behind her bar. “He had started getting recognized and asked for pictures and autographs, and then it got kind of aggressive because people are drinking and stuff, and so he came and hid behind my bar … [wanting to] just hang out back there and have a drink. He says, ‘Oh, I saw you and I really wanted to talk to you’.”

Before long, the home decorator said she had put her future spouse to work. “You know, if you’re going to be back here, you can’t just be standing there!’” she told him. “He had trained as a bartender for a film years before, so he started making drinks. And he made me a ton of money in tips that night, because of course everyone wanted to go and see him.” (Are you swooning yet? ‘Cause we’re swooning.)

She goes by a nickname.


It’s not uncommon to hear or see Luciana’s name in print as “Lucy Damon.”

She’s besties with Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky.

Not only are Matt and Luciana neighbors with Chris and Elsa, but the two women have also formed a strong bond, regularly spending girls’ days with each other.

In fact, after uniting for the holidays, the two women and a few of their friends decided to cement their friendship in ink. “We felt like we had to have something to remind us of those great moments we stayed together, and we decided to get a little tattoo [of three dots on their pinkies] all together and we say ‘We’ll have to do one every year,’” Elsa divulged to People of their matching tats in 2018.

She’s a triple threat.


Luciana has had several careers over the course of her lifetime. In addition to being an interior designer and a former bartender, she reportedly served as a flight attendant! 06of 08

She is a mom of four.


In addition to the three children she shares with the Oscar winner—Isabella, Gia, and Stella—Luciana is the mother of Alexia Barroso, whom she shares with ex-husband Arbello Barroso.

In fact, it was her maternal nature that drew the actor further into her orbit. Matt invited her out with his friends after their shared bartending experience, but she turned him down. “I was like, ‘I can’t, I have a 4-year-old daughter, I’m not going anywhere,’ and that was one of the things he loved, that I had a daughter,” she recalled to Vogue Australia. He said, ‘I love that you’re a mum and that’s your priority.’”

She renewed her vows with Matt for their 10-year anniversary.


A decade after they first said “I do,” the Hollywood couple headed to St. Lucia in the Caribbean to do it all over again in front of 50 of their closest family and friends, including Matt’s BFF Ben Affleck. As a source explained to People, “It was a very family-oriented and happy celebration. Many guests brought their children (although Ben and Jen did not). After the ceremony, guests enjoyed an evening cocktail reception on the beach. Children were running around and playing with white parasols.”

She and Matt have matching tattoos inspired by the late Heath Ledger.

As the story goes, Luciana talked her hubby into a spontaneous tattoo date back in 2013 that resulted in matching couples’ ink. ““We were in our apartment in Manhattan, and she was, like, ‘We’re getting tattoos.’ I was, ‘Okay,’” the actor recalled to GQ.

Having previously made a promise to Scott Campbell, a.k.a. Heath Ledger’s tattoo artist, that he would go to him should he ever get inked, the Good Will Hunting actor made good on his word. “I just wanted to get something that Heath had,” Matt explained. “Scott showed me his laptop and I said, ‘Scott, what’s that one?’ And he goes ‘I have no idea—I think that’s just some sh*t that Heath squiggled.’ And I went, ‘That’s the one I want.’”

Luciana got the same one, “So we both have that,” Matt said, adding, “It’s like a little creative little blessing.”

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