10 Reactions: Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez Spark Dating Rumors After They Kissed On Stage At Coliseo, Puerto Rico

Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez – Jhay Cortez confirms his relationship/romance with Mia Khalifa at his concert at the Coliseo in Puerto Rico.

Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez
Jhay Cortez and Mia Khalifa

In his debut at the “Choliseo”, the urban artist invited the influencer and porn star to the stage and they had a passionate kiss.

The Lebanese adult film actress and the Puerto Rican urban singer were captured in September 2021 at events together and even walking hand in hand when they thought no one was seeing them, a gesture that affirms that there is a very close relationship between the two 28-year-olds.

After their first public appearance that sparked relationship rumors, several signs point to it entering Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez there is more than a friendship and that they could be a new romance in the urban genre.

Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez
Image: Jhay Cortez. Source: Instagram @jhaycortez

The two have been trending on social media platforms, starting from Friday, 29 to Saturday, 30 October 2021 after a romantic video of them went viral.

This said video happens to be when the Puerto Rican urban singer, Jhay Cortez was holding his concert at Coliseo.

Conquering the public of Puerto Rico is a great challenge for urban artists and doing it at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot is even greater. Some achieve it backed by their seniority and trajectory; For first-timers, with barely years in the industry, the slope is quite steep.

Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez
Image: Mia Khalifa. Source: Instagram @miakhalifa

On Friday night the dream of that little boy who was taking his first steps in music, pretending in his room that he sang at the Choliseo like Don Omar, came true. Jhay Cortez climbed the steep slope without problems and, from above, he conquered thousands of followers who filled the venue to capacity, danced, shouted, and sang without going down for a second.

After 10:00 pm, after a meeting with the press and several fans behind the scenes, Jhay Cortez made his entrance on stage with the theme “These ca @ & $ have it for me @ & $”. The first few lines were enough for the public to stand up and thus remain during the first of the three concerts called “Timelezz Tour” in this same coliseum.

Side-by-side displays, a set of lights, pyrotechnics, cranes and a sound that made the place rumble were Jhay’s support. As the night heated up, her guests joined in. The first was Jhay Wheeler, with whom he sang “Curiosity” and followed by Mora, Arcángel, Ankhal, and Wisin.

Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez kissing
Jhay Cortez and Mia Khalifa kissing passionately.

But without a doubt, the “cherry” of the night was the appearance of Mia Khalifa, in the middle of the concert, on the song “En mi Cuarto”. She got down on a bed, joined Jhay, and closed her surprise appearance with a passionate kiss.

For a few months, it was rumored that the social media personality and the porn star Mia Khalifa had some kind of relationship with the Puerto Rican.

The artist had Wisin as a special guest in his first performance, who lit the room with his energy.

After almost two and a half hours of concert, and with the emotion of having achieved his dream, Jhay Cortez said goodbye to his fans.

Tonight and Sunday the urban interpreter will appear again at the Choliseo and, as it was learned, there will be more surprises.

TheVibely has gathered the top ten of the wildest comments that netizens poured beneath the viral post of Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez.

#1. “life-changing information


#2. “Bro tasted all different kinds of nutrients


#3. “He just kissed so many BBCs


#4. “Kiss probably tasted like ?


#5. “Man ate 60,000 kids


#6. “I know where that mouth been


#7. “Boy just kissed like 500 di- Nevermind


#8. “Ain’t she married??


#9. “That ain’t the only time she’s been kissed


#10. “Bro caught an undiscovered form of HIV ?


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