Who Is Micah Plath’s Girlfriend, Is He Gay or Bisexual and Who Has He Dated Before?

Who is Micah Plath dating now? The ‘Welcome to Plathville’ star has plenty of prospects when it comes to his relationship life.

During the first three seasons of Welcome to Plathville, viewers saw Micah Plath move out of his parents’ house, start a modeling career, and go on a handful of dates with a couple of women. He never ended up in a relationship, per se, but he definitely formed meaningful bonds. Fast-forward to Season 4, and the second-eldest Plath son is living in Los Angeles, where the dating pool is larger and much more varied.

Naturally, TLC fans have wondered: Is Micah currently dating anyone? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Micah Plath dating?

On Welcome to Plathville Season 4, viewers have gotten a closer look at Micah’s life in LA. They learned he’s living rent-free in the city in exchange for caring for his friend’s neighbor’s pets. He mostly spends his time booking modeling gigs, taking an acting class, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and exploring the city.

Micah has also been matched with a significant number of people on a dating app since moving to LA. “In Cairo, I had a dating app and maybe a hundred — 200, 300 — matches, or whatever,” he told producers. “And shortly after I moved out here, I don’t know, it was like 1,200 or so.”

As far as what’s been shown on the show so far and what he’s shared via social media, it seems like Micah is currently single and not in a serious relationship. Instead, he’s exploring his options/casually dating while establishing himself as a model and enjoying life.

Is Micah Plath gay or bisexual?

In Season 4, Episode 1, Micah was asked directly by a producer whether he’s ever dated a man — and his open-minded answer left viewers curious to learn more about his sexuality. “There’s such a bigger variety of girls out here, too. There’s boys that look like girls out here. You never know what you’re going to get,” he shared.

When asked if he’s gone on a date with a “boy that looks like a girl,” Micah responded with, “Not that I know of.”

“But would you, if the person clicked with you?” the producer pressed.

To that, Micah replied: “Yet to be determined if I would.”

In Season 4, Episode 10, Micah was talking with his friend, Michael about when the last time he went on a date was. After thinking for a moment, Michael replied, “I think you might be the last date I went on, that little pasta dish we had.”

“[Expletive], I didn’t know that was a date!” Micah told him.

After they both agreed that LA dating sucks, Micah spoke more on his dating philosophies. “When we were growing up, we were taught that it was supposed to be one man and one woman, basically for the rest of your life,” he said. “And anything besides that, it was horribly wrong.”

He continued: “I’ve become very accepting of really any lifestyle, especially just seeing it so much in the industry I work in. I have no problem hanging out with sexually-fluid people, or however you want to say it.”

Who has Micah previously dated?

Previously on Welcome to Plathville, Micah and fellow model Helena Parrish were featured on a number of dates/group hangouts. Many viewers thought they might eventually date, but it doesn’t look like their close friendship ended up advancing to anything more.

The show also followed Micah taking another woman, Leah, on a date on his family’s farm to ride horses.

In November 2020, an Instagram post prompted Micah’s followers to assume he was in a relationship with someone named Caroline Alexis. “Worth the drive to Alabama!!” he captioned a photo of himself and the brunette. Alas, that appears to have been short-lived as well.

It looks like fans of the TLC series will have to keep tuning in to see whether Micah ends up seriously dating anyone — whether that’s a man, woman, or a non-binary individual — while living in LA.

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