Is Natasha Webb In A Relationship and Who Has She Dated? ‘Below Deck Med’ Star’s Boyfriend, Dating History, Exes

Who is ‘Below Deck Medstar Natasha Webb dating? Meet her musician boyfriend.

Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean is well underway and the tea is piping hot.

Early in the season, viewers saw a romance spark between Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White. However, their rendezvous ended almost as soon as it began.

Since then, things have been pretty awkward between the two. This was especially true after Natasha ditched Dave to get back together with her now ex-boyfriend.

But apparently, Natasha has found love with someone new. So, who is the Below Deck star dating in 2022? Here’s what we know!

Natasha Webb

Who is ‘Below Deck Med’ star Natasha Webb dating? Meet her boyfriend Max Landry.

After Natasha found herself entangled in a three-way love triangle with her ex and fellow Below Deck newcomer Dave, she seems to have washed her hands of the drama.

According to her, she’s moved on from both of her former lovers and is now in “most amazing relationship” with her new boyfriend, musician Max Landry.

On Oct. 3, Natasha celebrated National Boyfriend Day with a sentimental message on Instagram. Underneath a photo of her, Max, and her two pomeranian puppies, the reality TV star wrote, “Meeting Max this year is the best thing that ever happened to me.

“I couldn’t be more thankful to have such a beautiful soulmate — the most loving, genuine, caring, calm, talented, incredible person I could [have] ever been gifted with to share my life with,” her post continued.

It’s clear that love is in the air for Natasha only months after her relationship with Chef Dave took her by storm.

Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White’s relationship history explained.

Both Natasha and Dave have admitted to having a sexual relationship in the past. And tensions between the duo rose quickly in Season 7. While Dave was happy to share news of their budding romance with their co-stars, Natasha asked that he keep their relationship under wraps.

On a previous episode of Watch What Happens Liveshe told Andy Cohen “Dave and I were never in a relationship.”

“I wanted to keep it a secret and it was wrong. And I admit that it was wrong. But everyone makes mistakes.”

During her chat with Andy, Natasha also noted that she would “never ever” consider a serious relationship with Dave. “I saw his true colors and who would want to be in that toxic relationship?”

Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White
Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White

Contrary to popular belief, Natasha said her “intentions were never to lead him on.” She added, “People think I ignored Dave, but that was the reason — I didn’t want to feel like I was leading him on. So if it ever looked like I was, it was because I was treading on eggshells and I didn’t know what else to do.”

As for where her and Dave’s relationship stands today, Natasha shared, “You should never hold a grudge, like I said. So, we got over it, we’ve both moved o

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