60 NateGotKeys Fun Facts: How Much Money Does Nathanael Boucaud Make, Have? Net Worth, Income Sources, Girlfriend Nayeli

What is NateGotKeys net worth in 2021? All about the Gold Digger prankster, Nathanael Boucaud aka NatesLife that every fan should know.

On YouTube, one of the popular and vibrant gold digger pranksters is NateGotKeys. The originality of his content has landed him much love on the video-sharing platforms as well as other social media sites.

NateGotKeys is an American internet celebrity and a social media personality who is famous for posting pranks and challenge videos on his YouTube channels ‘NatesLife’ and ‘NateGotKeys’.

NatesLife’s pranks, challenges, and vlogging content are very popular which helped him earn him more millions of subscribers.

NateGotKeys has a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2021 and he is currently in a serious relationship with a photo model called Nayeli Cernaa.

With that being said, how much money does NategotKeys make from YouTube in a day, a week, a month, a year? Well, read till the end for the surprise.

Nate Got Key’s profile summary

Full Name:Nathan Boucaud
Nicknames: NateGotKeys or NateLife
Date of Birth (Birthday):1 March 1995
Age:26 years old (as of 2021)
Lucky Number:10
Height6 feet, and 10 inches
GirlfriendNayeli Cernaa
ProfessionYouTuber, Social media influencer
Net worth$1.2 million
50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts

Check out these 50 interesting facts about Nathan Boucaud widely known for his YouTube name, Nate Got Keys;

Nathanael Boucaud “NateGotKeys” bio, wiki


Nategotkeys real name is Nathanael Boucaud.


He has aliases Nathan, NategotKeys, and NatesLife.


NateGotKeys was born in Houston, Texas, US.


His birthday (date of birth) is on March 1, 1995.


He is 26 years old.


Nateslife’s birth sign is Pisces.


He holds American nationality.


Like many other popular celebrities, he also keeps his family life away from the limelight. No information on the topic of his parent’s name is available on any of the social media platforms.


Also, no details about his other family members and siblings are available as well.


However, shortly after his birth, his family moved to Trinidad and Tobago, where he spent most of his childhood.


Later, Nathan moved to the United Kingdom and has traveled to many other countries as well.


Regarding his educational background and qualification, no information about the name of his school and institution is available at the moment.


However, he has gone to high school and has graduated from the institution.


Nathanael Boucaud aka “NateGotKeys” or “NatesLife” is famous for being an internet celebrity and a social media personality who is famous for posting pranks and challenge videos on his YouTube channel ‘NategotKeys’.


NatesLife’s pranks, challenges, and vlogging content are very popular which helped him earn him more millions of subscribers.

50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts

Nathanael Boucaud “NateGotKeys” YouTube Career and Professional Life


Nathan is an amazing prankster and it can be clearly seen from his Youtube videos. He enjoys playing pranks on others, especially the ones close to him.


He used to prank his friends and family members even during his school days. Then, his decision for posting prank videos for a living turned out to be life-changing for Nathan.


Nathan created his “Nateslife” Youtube channel on August 29, 2014.


The videos that he posted on the channel instantly caught the attention of many audiences.


Then, he started using ‘Omegle’ which is an online chat website. He posted some of his interesting conversations from Omegle on his Youtube channel.


Fortunately, his channel started gaining more subscribers after he started using ‘Omegle’.


Likewise, he started using another online chat website called ‘Chatroulette’ in an attempt to increase the number of his subscribers.


Interestingly, his idea worked as his channel quickly gained a million subscribers with an average of more than 10M views per day.


Nathan’s ‘NatesLife’ YouTube channel has a total view of 376 million as of 26 September.


The channel has 2.82 million subscribers with 482 uploaded videos.


Nathanael also owns one more Youtube channel titled ‘Nate Got Keys’.


He created the channel with his girlfriend, Michaela Mendez.


The channel was created on July 13, 2019, and has 46 million total views until now.


This channel is also packed with pranked videos, challenge videos, and storytime videos.


The channel is becoming one of the most popular Youtube channels at the moment, despite the fact that it is yet to accumulate a considerable number of followers and subscribers.


Nathan’s NategotKeys YouTube channel has more than 808K subscribers with 79 uploaded videos.

50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts

Who is NateGoKeys dating now? (NatesLife curent girlfriend, exes, breakups and Relationship Status)


Nathan Boucaud was first in a relationship with Ashley Ortega.


She is also a Youtuber and has done a lot of collaboratory work with Nathan.


They were one of the most adorable couples on the internet at that time. Things were also going pretty well between them. 


However, in the year 2017, they broke up because of personal reasons. There have been a lot of speculations about them as things are going really well between them before the breakup.


Nathan became the most talked-about social personality when he broke up with Ashley. Moreover, their fans raised a ruckus on the internet by posting various reaction videos.


Ashley’s fans blamed Nathan for being an ignorant and spiteful boyfriend. He had expressed arrogance towards Ashley in many instances which angered Ashley’s fans.


Many of them also claimed that Nathan was with Ashley for his own benefit only.


After the breakup, Nathan did post a couple of videos on his Youtube channel where he blamed Ashley for causing the breakup.


Nathan was in a relationship with Michaela Mendez after breaking up with Ashley.


Michaela is an Instagram star and a Youtuber as well.


They appear a lot in each other’s videos. They also pranked each other a lot.


Michaela also joined Nathan in defaming Ashley. She also posted many videos on her channel where she was blaming Ashley.


Likewise, Nathan has compared Michaela Mendez with Ashley Ortega on many occasions.


Unfortunately, Nathan and Michaela have also broken up and are not together anymore. The two broke up recently, only a few months ago.

50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts
Nathan with his ex-girlfriend, Michaela Mendez.


Recently, he posted a picture of him with a girl on May 17, 2020, captioning “The life that I live don’t come with instructions… ?” on his Instagram handles. However, his relationship is not confirmed.


After breaking up with Michaela Mendez and Ashley Ortega, Nathan is in a serious relationship with an Instagram model by name, Nayeli Cernaa.


NategotKeys and Nayeli have served their fans with couple-goals in their joint videos. They prank each other and also do other popular challenges on YouTube.


Nathan and Nayeli are engaged and he calls her “my wife” more often.


However, their relationship nearly hit the rock after Nathan went far by pranking Nayeli with his ex-girlfriend Michaela. Nayeli caught Nathan and Michaela on the bed and that burst her bubbles as she asked for space and left Nathan’s house.


In a couple of videos, Nathan tried all his best to ask for forgiveness from Nayeli. But as of now, the two are in a relationship.

50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts
NategotKeys and his current girlfriend, Nayeli Cernaa.

How tall is Nathanael Boucaud? (height and other body measurements)


Nathan’s height is 6 feet.


His weight is unknown.


Likewise, his other body measurements are also not available at the moment.


However, he has got black hair and black eyes.

50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts

How much money does NategotKeys make in a day, a week, a month and a year?


Nathan Boucaud’s estimated daily income from YouTube is $81 – $1.3K on his Nategotkeys channel and $3 – $45 on his NatsLife channel, according to Social Blade.


In a week, Nathan Boucaud earns $561 – $9.1K on his Nategotkeys channel and $20 – $317 on his Nateslife channel.


In a month, Nathan Boucaud makes $2.4K – $38.9K on his Nategotkeys channel and $85- $1.4K on his Nateslife channel.


Nathan Boucaud makes $29.1K – $466.3K in a year on his Nategotkeys channel and $1K – 16.3K on his Nateslife channel.

50 NateGotKeys Fun Facts

What is Nategotkeys net worth in 2021? (Net worth and Social Media)


Nathan Boucaud’s total net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $1.2 million. His main income source is Youtube. Nathan owns a house and has Lamborghini and other cars. His social media accounts are YouTube (NatesLife with 2.82M subscribers, and Nategotkeys with 808K subscribers), Instagram with 437K followers on Instagram, Twitter with more than 36K followers, Twitch with 13667 followers, and Facebook.

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