Who Is Nessa Barrett Dating Now? Nessa Barrett Opens Up On Jaden Hossler Cheating Rumors

Influencer and music artist Nessa Barrett opened up about her breakup with Jaden Hossler during a tell-all episode of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast.

Nessa Barrett’s love life has been a point of interest for fans ever since she split up with TikTok star Josh Richards last year.

Their breakup preceded Nessa’s next relationship with Jaden Hossler, a TikToker and music artist she collaborated with on their joint song ‘La Di Die.’

Although the two stars seemed to be going steady, they unexpectedly parted ways in May 2022, claiming in public statements that they “broke up to take time to focus on our own careers and mental health.”

Nessa Jaden couple photo
Nessa Jaden couple photo

However, fans weren’t convinced that their split was fully amicable. Theories abounded that Hossler had actually cheated on Nessa during his live tour — something she addressed in an October 18 episode of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast.

Nessa Barrett hints at Jaden Hossler affair rumors

“Okay, not physically, I don’t think,” she said when asked about the issue by host Alex Cooper. “I don’t blame him for anything because at the time, when things started happening, I wasn’t the best person in a relationship because I was struggling so much.”

“I know how it feels to want attention from other people when you’re not getting it from the person you’re with. There are just a few things I wasn’t too happy about, and that made me very insecure.”

Nessa’s answer was fairly vague, but some fans are taking it to mean that there may have been some possible emotional infidelity on Jaden’s part that could have happened during their relationship, resulting in Nessa’s unhappiness.

For now, Nessa appears to be single as she celebrates the recent release of her new album, ‘Young Forever.’

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