What Is Nick Cannon’s Net Worth and How Much Money Does He Make On ‘Wild ‘N Out’ As A Cast Member?

How much is Nick Cannon’s net worth? We know that ‘Wild ‘N Out’s Nick Cannon is wealthy, but how wealthy exactly?

There’s no argument that Wild ‘N Out is responsible for catapulting the careers of rising comedians and hip-hop stars. The show always comes through with memorable jokes and viral moments that influence pop culture. And with high ratings, fans can expect the show to become a mainstay on MTV’s network.

While most people think it’s just another MTV show created in-house, Wild ‘N Out is actually entirely the brainchild of Nick Cannon. Aside from being a creator, he’s also a cast member — which comes with its own salary. So, if you’ve been wondering how much Nick makes on Wild ‘N Out, the answer may surprise you. Read on to get the lowdown on Nick’s coins. 

Nick’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ salary rivals reality show cast members.

Nick gets paid when it comes to his work on Wild ‘N Out. After all, he owns the name and rights of the show, works as an executive producer, and assists with casting. 

Nick Cannon's net worth

And while most cast members on reality shows are only paid a couple of thousand dollars, Nick surpasses them by a landslide. According to Net Worth Reporter, Nick brings in $70,000 per episode of Wild ‘N Out.

Wild ‘N Out is known to have between 10 and 15 episodes per season. So, that means Nick is bringing in a minimum of $700,000 from being a cast member alone.

Keep in mind, that since he is the head producer on the show, he also gets a separate salary for his behind-the-scenes work developing the show. Must be nice!

Nick’s net worth is just as impressive as his ‘Wild ‘N Out’ salary.

Nick is much more than a comedian. And to be honest, his career in comedy only scratches the surface of his resume. Nick has tapped into different lanes in entertainment as a host, actor, producer, director, author, and rapper — although he is often the butt of jokes for his non-existent rap career.

With so many different accolades, it’s only right to expect that his net worth lines up with his accomplishments. 

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Nick has a net worth of $20 million. Yes, you read that correctly. Once a celebrity finds success in all avenues of the entertainment industry, it’s easy to bring in the coins.

In fact, the outlet reports that Nick’s hosting gig on America’s Got TalentThe Masked Singer, and his work with Wild ‘N Out has played a big role in helping him achieve his net worth. Not to mention his podcast Cannon’s Class, which has contributed to his bottom line as well.

nick cannon

And because he has his hands in so many different projects, his annual salary is quite impressive. The site shares that he earns $5 million a year.

With the continued success of Wild ‘N Out and its return to the small screen, fans can expect Nick’s net worth to grow expeditiously in the near future. The show has made its mark on hip-hop culture and continues to be a space that introduces the world to new talent. 

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