10 Fun Facts About Olivia Mae Bae: Alliecat Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Height, Real Name, Kids, Bio, Wiki

Olivia Mae Bae is an American internet personality known for her fitness modeling content. Her biography facts explored below.

As we live in the twenty-first century, where the internet is still an important part of our lives, many people have emerged with large followings on various online platforms. The rise of social media has enabled people to reach a global audience. These people are termed social media celebrities, social media influencers, social media personalities, internet personalities, or simply influencers.

Wikipedia defines the term Internet celebrity as “a celebrity who has acquired or developed their fame and notability on the Internet”.

One individual who qualifies for the popular term is Olivia Mae Bae.

Olivia Mae Bae is a fitness model and social media influencer from the United States of America. Her lifestyle, fitness, and modelling shots have earned her a significant fan base on various social media platforms, especially on Instagram and TikTok. She also promotes multiple brands on the platforms.

There is more about Olivia Mae Bae that her followers and admirers must know of her, including but not limited to his social media presence, how she became famous, her personal and family life, and her finances. TheVibely has gathered 10 interesting facts to know about Olivia Mae Bae. Let’s dive into her life.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Olivia Mae Bae or Alliecat
Net Worth:$650,000 to $1 million
Profession:Fitness model, social media influencer
Full Real Name:Olivia Mae Bae
Birthday:1 January 2000
Age:23 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace:United States
Current Residence:Denver, Colorado, United States
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Height:5 feet 9 inches (175 centimetres)
Weight:141 Ibs (64 in kilograms)
Body measurements:in inches 34-24-35 (in centimetres 86-61-89)
Relationship status:Single
Children:No kids

1. Who is Olivia Mae Bae?

She is a fitness model, adult content creator and social media influencer from the United States of America. She is best recognized for sharing her lifestyle, fitness and modelling content on Instagram.

Olivia Mae Bae is a social media influencer with a significant following on social media, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. She also creates adult content which she shares on her OnlyFans page.

2. How old is Olivia Mae Bae?

The social media influencer is 23 years old as of 2023. When is Olivia Mae Bae’s birthday? She was born on 1 January 2000. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

3. What is Olivia Mae Bae’s nationality?

The fitness model was born and raised in the United States of America but currently resides in Denver, Colorado, United States.

4. What is Olivia Mae Bae’s ethnicity?

She is an American national of white ethnicity. She is also known as Alliecat. Olivia Mae Bae’s real name has not been revealed, which makes sense in her line of work.

5. What is Olivia Mae Bae’s profession?

Olivia is a fitness model and social media influencer. She is best known for sharing lifestyle, fitness and modelling pictures on Instagram, where she boasts a massive following with almost 3 million followers. She has a backup Instagram account with 59 thousand followers.

The fitness enthusiast has a TikTok account with almost 488 thousand followers and 2.4 million likes as of this writing. She mostly uploads lip-sync, dance, fitness and comedy-related videos. Her Twitter account has amassed almost 340 thousand followers.

Olivia is an adult content creator. She has an OnlyFans account where she shares her explicit content.

6. What is Olivia Mae Bae’s height?

The fitness enthusiast stands at 5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimetres. Her weight is approximately 141 pounds or 64 kilograms. Her measurements are 34-24-35 inches or 86-61-89 centimetres.

7. Where does Olivia Mae Bae live?

She currently resides in Denver, Colorado, United States.

8. Who are Olivia Mae Bae’s parents?

Olivia who only shares content she is best known for has never shown her parents or family members to her followers. Not even Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or maybe Christmas festivals will make her reveal more about her family. As at now, the names of her parents are not known. Also, whether she is an only child or she has siblings remains unknown.

9. Who is Olivia Mae Bae dating?

The fitness enthusiast is not dating anyone at the moment. She is single. Yes, you heard me right. She has not shared any image of any man to even spark relationship rumors on her social media pages. Also, if she has dated or gotten married before is not known. Does Olivia Mae Bae have a child? Olivia is currently without a man and a baby.

10. What is Olivia Mae Bae’s net worth?

She is allegedly worth $650,000. She has earned her fortune through her social media career, as well as OnlyFans. Not to forget she is a fitness model, Instagram star and social media influencer.

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