What Happened To OvertimeMegan? The Influencer Deletes TikTok After Her Nudes, Private Pics and Videos Leaked

It’s not often that you see a popular TikTok influencer completely vanish overnight, but that’s exactly what some users have experienced with OvertimeMegan, whose real name is Megan Eugenio. Megan recently deleted almost all of her social media accounts, leading some to wonder exactly what happened to her that prompted such a drastic response.

Unfortunately, the details of Megan’s story are an important reminder about the dangers of becoming famous on the internet, and the cost that being an influencer can extract.

Megan Eugenio smiles at a March Madness game.

What happened to OvertimeMegan?

According to a popular video posted at the end of April, Megan decided to delete or make private all of her social media accounts at the end of the month after she was hacked. As TikTok user Noah Carter explained, Megan’s private photos had been leaked as part of the hack, and the circulation of that private media around the internet is what ultimately prompted Megan to step back from the internet altogether.

Why did Overtimemegan delete her TikTok?

Megan announced that, due to the hacking, she would be making her Twitter private, deleting her TikTok, and quitting social media more generally. Prior to leaving the platform, Megan had 2.5 million followers on TikTok.

Megan did not say that she had any plans to return to social media, although she may down the road decide that she’s ready to come back. For now, though, she’s trying to lead a much more private life.

Fans offer sympathy for Megan’s situation.

After learning more about what happened to Megan, plenty of users on TikTok offered unreserved sympathy for what she went through.

“That’s actually so messed up I would be devastated,” one person wrote on TikTok.

“She’s so nice and sweet I feel bad,” another added.

Of course, there were also plenty of people eager to find the leaked content, much of which is apparently explicit.

Some users also pointed out that, as these comments suggest, additional coverage of the problem on TikTok only adds fuel to the fire and makes more people curious about exactly what the leaks are.

At the moment, it’s unclear how Megan’s phone was hacked and whether she’s taken any steps to correct the issue. For now, she’s likely focused on attempting to recover a shred of the privacy that this leak stole from her.

@noahglenncarter Overtime Megan delted her Tik Tok after this #overtimemegan #foryou #drama ♬ Daylight – David Kushner

Megan’s Instagram page remains public.

Although the rest of Megan’s profiles have disappeared, she continues to have a presence on Instagram, where she now has a following of over 500,000. It’s unclear why she decided to leave that page up as she got rid of the rest of her accounts, and it seems like most of the comments about her leaks have been deleted from her posts there.

For now, then, Megan retains a single social media platform, but she hasn’t posted on it since her leaks started. She may not post on Instagram for some time, but the fact that she kept the page up suggests she may want to make a return to online life at some point. Right now, though, she’s likely hoping to find a way to maintain some privacy.

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