Phil Anselmo’s Kids: Who Is Phil Ansemlo Married To? Meet The Pantera Frontman’s Wife and Kids

Who is Phil Anselmo’s wife? The Pantera Frontman has been with Kate Richardson since 2004.

The fans have spoken, and it seems that American metal vocalist Phil Anselmo is highly revered as one of the greatest frontmen in metal history. The Louisiana-born rockstar has been a member of several different bands throughout his longtime music career which kicked off in the ’80s. Today he is currently active in the bands Pantera and Down as frontman.

If you’re looking to keep up with the 54-year-old crooner, he’ll often share tour information on his Instagram profile. But there’s one important person that you won’t see too often on his grid: his wife, Katie Richardson.

Who is Phil’s wife, and do they have any children together? Let’s discuss!

phil and kate
Phil Anselmo and wife Kate Richardson in 2012

Who is Phil Anselmo married to?

Phil has been married to his wife Kate Richardson since 2004. She is currently the Vice President of Housecore Records, a record label that Phil founded in 2001. As she told Independent Music Productions in an interview, she met Phil through mutual friends Jimmy Bower and Kirk Windstein, who played in Down with him.

In addition to being the VP of Housecore Records, Kate also manages her husband and his bandmates when on tour. Prior to stepping into this role, she was a booker/promoter in the music industry, which gave her apt experience.

Before Kate, Phil was married to musician Stephanie Opal Weinstein. They tied the knot in 2001 after six years of dating and called it quits in 2003.

Does Phil Ansemlo have any kids?

Phil stays pretty tight-lipped about his private life. However, he is believed not to have any children.

Pantera was cut from two German festivals in 2023, and racist remarks Phil made in 2016 may be to blame.

Phil made headlines in January 2023 after his band Pantera was cut from two different German festivals — Rock and Ring and Rock in the Park— which are set to take place in the summer.

The organizer of the festivals shared the news in a Facebook post: “Pantera will not be performing at Rock am Ring and Rock in the Park 2023, as announced. In the last few weeks, we have had many intensive conversations with artists, our partners and you, the festival fans, we have continued to deal with the criticism together and decided to remove the band from the program.”

The exact reason why Pantera was removed from the lineup was not disclosed. However, it likely has to do with Phil’s 2016 appearance at the Dimebash festival in Germany where he was filmed giving a nazi salute and shouting “white power.”

After the incident, Phil issued an apology. However, in a 2019 interview with Kerrang, the incident was brought up again and Phil seemed to have lightly teased about it.

“I feel like it’s ridiculous. I made an off-color joke and ‘Boom!’ — it’s like I’m literally Hitler!” he said. “I’m not. I take each individual one at a time, in the way that any logical individual will. I have love in my heart.”

Phil has yet to comment on Pantera being cut from the festival lineups.

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