65 Pierce Woodward Facts: How Much Money Does Pierce Woodward Make, Have? Net Worth, Bio, Parents, TikTok

Pierce Woodward – interesting biography facts about the rich teen entrepreneur who makes rings from vintage spoons and CEO/founder of Brand Pierre.

As most entrepreneurs have figured out by experience, the first twelve months of any new enterprise are crucial. These are the months of hustle, where the problems that arise and the solutions are discovered to create the cultural fabric of the business.

Would-be business owners often begin with an idea—a series of thoughts that exists only in their mind—and bringing that idea to life is the process that makes or breaks an enterprise. Lessons learned from others’ startup victories can drive innovation, whether your company is still in the idea phase or has been operating for years.       

For instance, take a look at Pierce Woodward. Most kids his age spend their days languishing in a high school classroom, watching the clock tick by. But Pierce, who just turned 18, has spent the last twelve months creating an iconic fashion empire with over 1.5 million TikTok followers on the platform

His company, Brand Pierre, produces hand-crafted rings from antique silverware and his inventory regularly sells out in minutes on BrandPierre.com.

Pierce Woodward, 18 years old is famous for being a TikTok personality and short-form content creator who is known for sharing videos about his name-brand rings and jewelry made from spoons.

Woodward started his own business making rings out of vintage spoons in his parent’s garage after dropping out of high school at 16.

TikTok personality and short-form content creator who is known for sharing videos about his name-brand rings and jewelry made from spoons.

Pierce Woodward has a net worth of $1.5 million, and he makes $100,000 from his ring brand, Brand Pierre.

Did you know Pierce Woodward dropped out of school to focus on his business and his parents allowed him? The Vibely has gathered some early life stories: educational background, nationality, net worth, age, and more about the rich teen that you’d love to read about.

Pierce Woodward

#1. Real Name: The TikTok star is known in real life by the name Pierce Woodward.

#2. Nickname: Pierce is mostly called by the alias, Pierre.

#3. Birthday: Pierce Woodward was born on May 32003.

#4. Age: Pierce Woodward is 18 years old as of 2021.

#5. Bithplace: Pierce Woodward comes from United States.

#6. Zodiac sign: Woodward’s birth sign is Taurus.

#7. Pierce Woodward is famous or best known for being a TikTok personality and short-form content creator who is known for sharing videos about his name-brand rings and jewelry made from spoons.

#8. He has more than 1.5 million followers on the platform.

#9. Profession: Pierce Woodward is the CEO and founder of Brand Pierre which deals in rings and jewelry he makes himself using vintage spoons.

#10. He began his career as an influencer by posting modeling photos on Instagram.

#11. At 14, Pierce started his first business.

#12. He got his initial taste of entrepreneurship by buying and reselling Supreme, a high-end clothes brand that drives scarcity through periodic product drops.

#13. When his parents saw his success, they allowed him to skip school when the brand was having a drop so he could acquire inventory.

#14. The entrepreneurial culture in his home is a huge motivational force for Pierce.

#15. As his family has moved twenty-six times, his childhood was not rooted in one neighborhood but in family relationships.

#16. He had seen his parents ride the ups and downs of high-risk entrepreneurship, so he wasn’t afraid to try something different.

#17. His parents have just one rule for Pierce: “You have to make it on your own.” At 16, when he decided to drop out of high school to start his own business, they responded, “It’s about time.”

#18. Rather than grasping onto the high school diploma as the ultimate measure of success for his age, Pierce determined that there were other avenues available to him.

#19. He saw possibility in places other people weren’t looking and letting go of high school freed him up to chase his dream.

#20. Pierce Woodward started his own business making rings out of vintage spoons in his parent’s garage after dropping out of high school at 16.

Pierce Woodward

#21. When Pierce launched Brand Pierre, he didn’t have much to work with.

#22. His family’s plan to spend a few months in Europe was crushed by the pandemic, and he found himself homeless in Florida with only a couple of suitcases to his name.

#23. With no extended family or friends in the area, his family drifted from rental to rental. It was out of this complete chaos that Brand Pierre was born.

#24. With nothing but a hammer, bolt cutters, and a 2×4, Pierce bent his first antique spoon ring.

#25. He transformed a Buddha spoon into a ring in a November 2020 video. It has been viewed more than 150,000 times. 

#26. He created a TikTok set for music made famous by Playboi Carti

#27. He had been introduced to ring-making by a friend who did it as a hobby.

#28. Pierce began filming videos of his craft for TikTok and was soon averaging over 40k views.

#29. When he bent spoons for his first product drop, the views soared to 185k.

#30. His second drop video hit 4.5 million.

#31. “It was insane to me to make something with my own hands that other people would wear,” Pierce recalls.

#32. He currently employs a team to help with fulfillment and purchasing silverware at antique stores and estate sales.

#33. He has honed his craft, bending thousands of rings so far.

#34. But he began with what he had: an idea, curiosity, and a few tools.

#35. Social media sites like TikTok and Instagram have fueled the success of Brand Pierre exponentially.

#36. These sites provided Pierce with a marketing platform that he could bring with him as his family moved from place to place.

#37. As he used daily videos to actively cultivate online relationships, his brand exploded in popularity.

#38. Pierce began by partnering with his influencer friends, crafting rings for them, and promoting to their viewers.

#39. The Florida teen has since seen huge success, upgrading from a garage to an entire brand house and making rings for social media giants such as Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio, and Jules LeBlanc.

#40. Pierce told Truly: “I’ve had a goal since I was a little kid to save up six figures by the time I was 18. I finally have been able to accomplish that. The coolest thing about having money is just knowing I can do anything I want whenever I want. But I always want to do more and more and more and keep building bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Pierce Woodward

#41. TikTok stars were soon contacting Pierce to receive and endorse his product, and his views soared. To date, his videos have been viewed over 250 million times.

#42. Product demand was driven both by the popularity of his stunning creations and through his use of periodic product drops.

#43. Pierce had learned from his experience reselling Supreme that creating scarcity drove interest and demand.

#44. He currently holds a product drop twice a month, with serious buyers setting their clocks to the drop schedule.

#45. His rings can sell out in as little as six minutes.

#46. A couple of months into the launch of Brand Pierre, Pierce was contacted by Wilhelmina, one of the top modeling agencies in the world.

#47. He negotiated an exclusive three-year contract with Wilhelmina, thinking it might be the answer to his marketing challenges.

#48. However, because of the pandemic, Pierce has been unable to participate in a single modeling shoot.

#49. He had a choice to make: ease up on his home-grown marketing, or wait for help from the powerful Wilhelmina brand.

#50. Pierce decided to move forward, creating his own photography and videography to showcase his style and his brand, and the results have been enormous.

#51. He was recently notified by Shopify that his storefront was in the top 1% of companies with sales on their platform.

#52. Pierce Woodward’s story is one of bold action and determination. His ability to show up day after day to create a following while many people were experiencing pandemic passivity allowed him to launch strongly.

#53. He learned to drive demand through influencer endorsements and scheduled product drops. He discovered a piece of his personal genius, using what he had to create an appealing product.

#54. He let go of things in his life that were eating up time and energy without providing the return he was looking for.

#55. The evolution of digital branding and the coming-of-age of Gen-Z marks a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

#56. As Pierce Woodward’s experience shows, nimbleness and creativity are essential for startups in the emerging market, and young people will lead the way.

#57. The 18-year-old ring entrepreneur makes $100,000 a month and as a teen, is something most dream of, but he has made it a reality.

#58. The enterprising 17-year-old has already managed to buy a house for his family, as well as three cars for himself, including a supercharged Range Rover, a Maserati, and a convertible Mustang.

#59. Recently, Pierce was able to give his mum $50,000 in cash to go and buy her dream car – a convertible Corvette.

Pierce Woodward

#60. Pierce Woodward has a net worth of over $1.5 million, according to Fameranker. The source estimated Pierce Woodward’s net worth based largely on the monthly estimated salary and income of $393,120 Pierce has earned as a TikTok Star.

#61. In 2020, Pierce Woodward made a net worth of $1.4 million, and estimated salaries of $393,120 (in 2020), and $364,000 (in 2019).

#62. For prices of Pierce Woodward’s rings, you can visit his website, BrandPierre.com.

#63. Instagram: @pierce_worrdward

#64. Tik Tok: @pierce_worrdward

#65. Website: BrandPierre.com

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