Is Queen Cheryl From TikTok Dead or Alive? Details On Her Health Condition Explained

TikTok Star Queen Cheryl is the subject of a death rumor — Is she OK?

It seems that social media’s favorite May-December relationship recently fell victim to some classic internet rumors. Word on the street is that Queen Cheryl, the 62-year-old TikTok star currently married to 25-year-old King Quran, died.

In all likelihood, this idle gossip was born from their sizable age difference and the judgment that inevitably follows it.

If that truly is the case, we should look to feminist author Betty Friedan for wisdom on the matter: “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

Is there any truth to the rumors, or is social media doing what social media does best — attacking what it doesn’t understand? Here’s what we know about Queen Cheryl’s apparent death hoax.

Quran and Queen Cheryl
Quran and Queen Cheryl

Is TikTok star Queen Cheryl OK? She could be he victim of a death hoax.

It appears that not only is Queen Cheryl alive and well, but she is surviving and thriving. As of the time of this writing, her latest TikTok dropped Dec. 19, but people were still in the comments convinced that she had died. “Cheryl what are you doing here? They said you died, girl,” commented one user. Another wrote, “CHERYL? YOU’RE ALIVE?” Evidently, she is.

While we can’t pinpoint the origin of the rumor, it was referenced in the comments under a TikTok of Quran’s posted on Nov, 26. In it, he is rather graphically lip-synching over the suggestion that their sex life is going great. Someone named Laura commented, “They are saying Cheryl is dead, but it’s not true.” We have no idea who “they” is, but Quran was quick to shut the rumor down. “People say a lot of things on the internet,” he replied.

It seems that not only is Queen Cheryl alive, but she and King Quran are trying to create life.

According to The U.S. Sun, Queen Cheryl and King Quran (real names: Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain) would like to have a baby. Naturally, we are all wondering how that is physically possible. Have no fear; the unorthodox couple addressed the logistics of this scenario. “We have tried for children but with age, we feel surrogacy or adoption would be a better option,” Quran told the outlet in early 2022. They tried? We are gobsmacked.

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To no one’s surprise, the old-fashioned way didn’t work, so Queen Cheryl and King Quran are looking for other options. (You don’t say?)

“We prefer surrogacy. However, we have seen a lot of people embroiled in legal complications far after the child is born,” Quran continued to the outlet. He went on to express concern over a surrogate not wanting to give them their baby which is why they are also looking at adoption and in particular a “biracial baby, so he would feel that we are his true parents.”

Having a baby at 62 is not unheard of but it probably takes a village. In September 2021 WANE News reported that 62-year-old Kathy Blattner gave birth to a little girl. However, it was not an easy journey. She and her husband used in vitro fertilization but the eggs were donated by her daughter (Kathy’s husband is her daughter’s stepfather). If Queen Cheryl and King Quran wanted to do something similar, it wouldn’t be possible. Quran told The U.S. Sun that both of Cheryl’s daughters had hysterectomies.

Hopefully, the unconventional couple can figure something out. In the meantime, they both appear to navigate the slings and arrows of social media fairly well. Let’s take a page out of a middle school classic: Their relationship is an A and B conversation so everyone else can C their way out.

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