10 Fun Facts About Ricky Flores: Net Worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Siblings, Girlfriend, Gabe, Wiki, Bio

Ricky Flores is an American personality known for his influence on social media. His biography facts explored below.

As we live in the twenty-first century, where the internet is still an important part of our lives, many people have emerged with large followings on various online platforms. The rise of social media has enabled people to reach a global audience. These people are termed social media celebrities, social media influencers, social media personalities, internet personalities, or simply influencers.

Wikipedia defines the term Internet celebrity as “a celebrity who has acquired or developed their fame and notability on the Internet”.

One individual who qualifies for the popular term is Ricky Flores.

Ricky Flores is a social media personality famous on Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram. He became a TikTok sensation in 2020. He has partnered with brands like Yours Truly Clothing as an influencer.

There is more about Ricky Flores that his followers and admirers must know of him, including but not limited to his social media presence, how he became famous, his personal and family life, and his finances. TheVibely has gathered 10 interesting facts to know about Ricky Flores. Let’s dive into his life.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Ricky Flores
Net Worth:$1 million
Profession:Social media influencer, content creator
Birthday:13 January 2004
Age:19 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Current Residence:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Height:5 feet 8 inches (173 in centimetres)
Weight:116 Ibs (53 in kilograms)
Hair Color:Dark brown
Eye Color:Light brown
Father:Pastor Flores
Mother:Ana Luisa
Relationship:Not married but dating
Girlfriend:Mirella Sarai
Children:No kids
Ricky Flores
Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

1. Who is Ricky Flores?

Ricky Flores is a social media personality known for his TikTok content. He mostly uploads dance and lip-syncs videos on the platform. Additionally, the social media influencer uses his social media pages to promote various brands.

Ricky Flores sometimes refers to himself as Glory Boy. He enjoys travelling and has an interest in luxury vehicles. The social media star is also an ink enthusiast with multiple tattoos on his hands and neck.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

2. Why is Ricky Flores famous?

The content creator became an overnight star on TikTok after his dance and lip-sync videos went viral. He amassed over 1 million followers on the video-sharing platform. Unfortunately, his account @theyluvricky got banned.

He is also a brand ambassador. On his Instagram, he promotes brands he is partnering with, such as Yours Truly Clothing. He currently has over 660K followers on the platform. He also has a YouTube channel with over 17.7K subscribers, but he doesn’t post much content there.

He was well-known for creating content with fellow TikTok star Gabriel Salazar, popularly known as GabeNotBabe. Unfortunately, Gabriel passed away in a fatal car crash in September 2021.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

3. How old is Ricky Flores?

The content creator is 19 years old as of 2023. Ricky Flores’ birthday is 13 January 2004. The social media personality’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

4. Where is Ricky Flores from?

He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where he still resides. This makes him an American by nationality. His ethnicity is Hispanic and has a strong Christian background.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

5. How tall is Ricky Flores?

The social media star is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 centimetres tall. He also weighs around 116 pounds or 53 kilograms.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

6. Who are Ricky Flores’ family?

Ricky Flores’ parents are Ana Luisa and Pastor Flores. His mother is a housewife, while his father is a businessman.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

7. Does Ricky Flores have a sibling?

Flores is not an only child to his parents. He has one sibling, a sister. His sister, Deliah, is also a content creator.

8. Are Gabe and Ricky related?

No, he and the late GabeNotBabe were not related. They were close friends who regularly collaborated on TikTok videos and other content.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

9. Who is Ricky Flores dating?

Ricky Flores’ girlfriend is Mirella Sarai, an Instagram star who primarily posts travel and fashion content. She also runs Winks by Mimi, an eyelash business in Chicago, Illinois. The pair announced their relationship in May 2022 with kissing photos on Instagram.

Previously, there were rumours of the content creator dating Joshie Aieshia, the ex-girlfriend of his late friend Gabriel.

Photo: @rickyfloreess on Instagram

10. What is Ricky Flores’ net worth?

The brand ambassador’s alleged net worth is $1 million. He earns a living through his content creation career on TikTok, YouTube and sometimes Instagram.

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