How Rich Is Robert Brotherton? The Actor’s Net Worth, Salary, Fortune, Income, and Financial Details

What is Robert Brotherton’s net worth? Get to know Netflix’s ‘My Unorthodox Life’ star Robert Brotherton’s life and fortune.

Fans of My Unorthodox Life have really come to take a liking to Robert Brotherton, one of star Julia Hartt’s besties who has appeared on the Netflix reality series. Want to know more about Robert from My Unorthodox Life? Find out Robert Brotherton’s net worth and more about the Hartt Sphere here!

Robert Brotherton’s estimated net worth would make him a multimillion-dollar man.

Outlet The Cinemaholic estimates Robert Brotherton’s net worth to be $5.5 million, stating Robert has held positions at Zac Posen House of Z LLC as Global Public Relations & Corporate Communications Manager, ESCADA as Public Relations & Communications Director, La Perla as Director of Marketing & Public Relations – which is where Julia worked as the Creative Director, and Elite Model World (EMW) as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) – which was co-owned and ran by the My Unorthodox Life star.

Robert Brotherton

Robert from ‘My Unorthodox Life’ is actually a man of many talents.

In addition to his successful career in the fashion industry, Robert from My Unorthodox Life attended Syracuse University in New York where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in music and opera performance. He also received a Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management from the same school after he graduated from his performing arts studies. Robert is also the star of My Unorthodox Christmas Cabaret at Broadway’s Supper Club & Private Event Destination’s 54 Below.

How is Robert Brotherton involved in Haart Sphere?

Robert Brotherton is listed as the COO of Julia’s latest business venture, Haart Sphere, which is a Meta organization she is working on during Season 2 of the Netflix reality series. Robert has been a close confidante of Julia over the years through business and personal life, so it doesn’t come as a shock to fans he would be so closely involved in this project.

Robert and Julia were both let go from Elite Model World after she filed for divorce.

Julia has opened up in the past about splitting from her second husband, Silvio Scaglia – an Italian billionaire and entrepreneur. She blamed differing views on fundamentalism as her reason to file for divorce, and she was terminated from Elite Model World (also co-owned by Silvio). Robert was also suspended at the time of their split and then ultimately let go.

Fans learned a ton about Robert’s personal life through ‘My Unorthodox Life’.

On an episode of the Netflix reality series, we saw Robert track down his biological mom and his fears of if that would upset his adoptive family. In addition to that, he has been incredibly open about his weight loss journey.

“The way I did it was really focused on eating because nobody loves a block of cheese more than I do…I’ve really just been trying to focus on being in a calorie deficit and eating less than what I burn each day,” he told People last year after losing 30 pounds before undergoing weight loss surgery, which he documented on his Instagram account.

My Unorthodox Life is streaming on Netflix.

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