How Rich Is Sarah Jane Ho and How Much Do Her Courses Cost? Net Worth, Salary, Forbes Fortune, Income, Etc

What is Sarah Jane Ho’s net worth? She is dubbed as one of the most successful women in China – Here’s how big her fortune is as of today.

Etiquette expert Sarah Jane Ho warmly invites viewers to join her in the Netflix Mind Your Manners trailer, explaining that she’ll teach us all how to handle ourselves properly no matter what situation we’re in.

And let’s just say it now — we’re sold. Sarah isn’t judgmental with her clients, but rather more of an encouraging etiquette angel. She helps women and men learn how to live their best, classy lives.

Now that Sarah is in the Netflix spotlight, we were curious to know more about her financial details. So, how much is Sarah Jane Ho worth? Here’s what we know.

Sarah Jane Ho and a client on 'Mind Your Manners'
Sarah Jane Ho and a client on ‘Mind Your Manners’. SOURCE: NETFLIX

Wait, can I sign up for Sarah’s etiquette classes?

Sarah is the founder of Institute Sarita, which was billed as China’s first finishing school, per the BBC. Having graduated from a Swiss finishing school herself, Sarah went on to found Institute Sarita in Beijing in 2013, according to a report from The Cinemaholic.

How much do Sarah’s courses cost?

Per the same report from The Cinemaholic, course prices at Institute Sarita range from $3,200 to $16,000. After Institute Sarita surged in popularity and enrollment, Sarah was able to open up a second location in Shanghai in 2015.

Sarah noted in the BBC article that she drew inspiration from Martha Stewart, explaining that she felt like Martha provided a guide for the modern American housewife. The Mind Your Manners host said, “I want to provide the same to the modern Chinese woman.”

While there doesn’t appear to be a way for Sarah’s international fans to sign up for her finishing courses online at the moment, the host of Mind Your Manners graciously posts etiquette tips frequently on her Instagram, in addition to occasional Instagram Live Q&As.

What we also know is that you can watch all six episodes of Mind Your Manners now on Netflix.

It doesn’t look like Netflix has renewed Mind Your Manners for a second season yet (the casting site for Netflix reality shows doesn’t have an option for Mind Your Manners).

However, we’d be shocked if thousands of people didn’t sign up for an opportunity to learn from the master of manners for a potential second season! We’ll raise our pinkies to that!

Sarah Jane Ho

What is Sarah Jane Ho’s net worth?

She is dubbed as one of the most successful women in China, Sara Jane Ho’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. Other online platforms estimate her net worth at over $100 million.

Sara Jane Ho is a Chinese educator from Hong Kong. She is known for founding the Institute Sarita, a finishing school headquartered in Beijing, China, in 2013. In May 2015, she opened a second school in Shanghai.

You can stream Mind Your Manners Season 1, now on Netflix.

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