40 Sean Bridon Facts: How Much Does Seany Tv Make? Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Photos, Country, Comedy, Wife, Cast

Full names, biography, and everything to know about Sean Bridon comedian actors who are popular on Facebook, and YouTube in Seany Tv comedy videos.

If you’re a Facebook freak, you must have chanced on videos from Seany Tv. I can boldly bet that your day was wonderful after sighting on their videos.

Most of their videos feature a diminutive man and his friend who are always causing trouble for each other.

They hardly talk in their videos, and when they do, it is short and in French but they generate thousands of millions of views on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Who is Sean Bridon? Who are the cast/actors in Seany Tv comedy videos? Which country is Seany Tv originate from? What is the net worth of Seany Bridon comedy? All about the viral comedians that every fan should know.

Seany Tv Sean Bridon Profile Summary

Full Real Name:Sean Bridon
Artist:Sean Africa
Comedy Cast Names:Hulk, Jack, Vieux Nzengue, DG AMOUR DOMINIQUE
Date Of Birth:Not Known
Birthplace:Libreville, Gabon
Profession:Comedy Video Creator
FacebookSean Bridon with 16 Million followers
YouTube:@SeanyTv with 631K subscribers
Annual Income:$96.3K  –  $1.5M from YouTube ads.
Net Worth:$7.3 Million US Dollars
Sean Bridon of Seany Tv Facts

Check out these interesting facts about Seany Tv casts: their real names, pictures, country of origin, net worth, how much they earn per video, their YouTube earnings, and more…

Biography, Background

#1. Sean Bridon is a popular and rich African artist who was born and raised in Gabon.

#2. He makes videos and uploads them on social media.

#3. He is a very productive artist who regularly releases new videos to the delight of his fans.

#4. Aside from Sean Bridon doing music for a living, he ventures into movie production where that side of him has got the attention of the public.

#5. He has supported a lot of comedian talents in Gabon.

#6. He has a foundation called “Un coeur pour la mission”.

#7. It is a foundation leading projects of national solidarity for orphans. It has existed for 2 years and it continues to grow. It’s a dream come true for him.

#8. Sean Bridon is the general name of comedy video creator channel name. The main purpose of the channel is to give entertainment to online users.

#9. It controls and maintains Sane Africa.

#10. Its major production is Seany Tv.

Sean Bridon of Seany Tv Facts

#11. All the casts are Gaboness and close friends to Sean Bridon who does music for a living.

#12. The names of the full cast/actors in Seany Tv videos are Hulk, Jack, Vieux Nzengue, DG AMOUR DOMINIQUE, and few others.

#13. Their comedy videos are mostly short, without makeup, not too much editing, real, in the French language but reach millions of viewers.

#14. It always features diminutive Jack, and his friend, Vieux Nzengue.

#15. Jack and Vieux Nzengue plays the Tom and Jerry kind of tricks on each other thereby leading the other in trouble.

#16. Hulk is the well-built man who mostly ends up being tricked by Jack, Vieux Nzengue.

#17. DG AMOUR DOMINIQUE is the big woman in their videos.

#18. At the end of their videos, whoever was lucky enough shows off wild dance moves by winning their waist.

#19. The team of Sean Bridon “Seany Tv” are from Libreville, Gabon.

#20. Seany Tv YouTube channel was created on Jul 26, 2011.

Sean Bridon of Seany Tv Facts

#21. It has 631,000 subscribers as of October 2021.

#22. In total, the Seany Tv YouTube channel has 176,588,719 views.

#23. The highest number of views on the YouTube channel is 9.3 million.

#24. They started off from getting known worldwide on Facebook.

#25. On Facebook, Seany Tv has 16 million followers and they get close to 200 million views on most of their videos.

#26. Almost all of their videos have crossed a million viewership and many of their fans get good comments under their posts on their social media platforms.

#27. Seany Tv comedy videos is under Chaîne Officielle de la Bridon Production.

#28. It is managed by Jerry Rawilde.

#29. You can email them at: Jerrylde@live.fr

Sean Bridon of Seany Tv Facts
Jack, Vieux Nzengue and Hulk

How much does Seany Tv make on YouTube?

#30. Seany Tv makes a daily income of $267  –  $4.3K from YouTube ads, according to Social Blade.

#31. Seany Tv makes estimated earnings of $1.9K  –  $30K in a week from YouTube ads.

#32. Seany Tv earns an estimated revenue of $8K  –  $128.4K in a month from YouTube ads.

#33. In a year, Seany Tv makes a salary of $96.3K  –  $1.5M from YouTube ads.

Sean Bridon of Seany Tv Facts
Seany Bridon

Sean Bridon Net Worth

#34. Sean Bridon has a net worth of $7.3 million, according to That Celebrity.

#35. Sean and his teammates earn over $500 US Dollars and they generally take $30 Thousand Dollars on average for attending any event.

#36. But it has a monthly income is almost $50 Thousand Dollars and the yearly income is approximately $2.0 Million US Dollars.

Social Media Accounts:

#37. TikTok: @seanytvofficielsb

#38. Instagram: @Seanbridon_

#39. Facebook with 16 Million followers: @SeanBridon

#40. YouTube with 631K subscribers

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