TikToker Talia Jackson Sparks Outrage After Claiming She Dated Cooper Noriega Before His Passing

TikTok star Talia Jackson has sparked outrage online after claiming she secretly dated fellow influencer Cooper Noriega prior to his passing earlier this year.

Cooper Noriega was a popular creator on TikTok who passed away aged 19 in June 2022.

He was close friends with many other well-known TikTokers, including Nessa Barrett and Sabrina Quesada, the latter of whom he’d publicly dated since October 2020.

Quesada and Noriega parted ways in April 2022, with both parties asking for privacy amid the aftermath of their breakup.

Talia Jackson sparks outrage over Cooper Noriega dating claims

Months after Cooper’s passing, TikToker and actress Talia Jackson allegedly uploaded a video appearing to claim that she had been secretly dating Noriega before he departed.

Jackson captioned her video, “Me reading my comments after I posted videos crying because my boyfriend died,” set to audio of someone reading a rude comment aloud.

Although the video has seemingly been deleted, a recording of the clip has been uploaded to the TikTokRoom Instagram page, as well as a screenshot of a comment Jackson purportedly left regarding the situation.

Talia Jackson deleted TikTok video

“Nobody ‘skipped chapters,’” she wrote. “We just had a private relationship and kept everything off the internet for the sake of both our exes and other peoples’ opinions.”

The video has sparked a wave of backlash online against Jackson, with many commenters accusing her of lying about her supposed relationship with Noriega.

Talia opened up on the situation in more comments underneath the now-deleted video, writing in response to a critic: “He wanted to post us, I didn’t. I was the one who wanted to respect Sab. Kinda weird as h*ll that you really commented that like you even knew him?”

Talia Jackson responds to TikTok comments copy

That’s not all; Jackson’s ex, fellow TikToker Mason Hilton, uploaded a video showing alleged screenshots of texts with his former girlfriend and even her mother, who purportedly claimed that “as far as Cooper, nothing is going on there. I’ve been trying to help him.”

This isn’t the first time that claims were made alleging that Jackson and Cooper were dating before his death; after the news broke over the summer, Talia’s mother claimed in a TikTok comment that her daughter had been purportedly seeing Cooper.

Talia Jackson mother comment copy

Thus far, the situation hasn’t been resolved and continues to prompt speculation and outrage from viewers across TikTok due to the treatment of Noriega’s image after his passing.

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