How Rich Are The Wiggles Crew Members? Their Net Worth Ranked As Of Today

What are The Wiggles members’ net worths? The Wiggles have amassed fairly impressive fortunes throughout their careers.

Since their inception in 1991, The Wiggles have been one of, if not the biggest, a mainstay in children’s music, delighting generations with their whimsical songs and live performances, as well as countless television slots.

Although their core members have shifted throughout the years, The Wiggles have nonetheless continued to capture the hearts and minds of young people across the world. This level of attention from such a large demographic, of course, means that The Wiggles have also been afforded a pretty significant ability to turn a profit from their children’s music. So, what are the members of The Wiggles’ net worths? Here’s what we know.

the wiggles net worth

Anthony Field has been a member of The Wiggles the longest and has the highest net worth.

A member of the group since its inception, Anthony Field is the blue Wiggle and has remained the one constant in the group throughout all of its evolutions over the years. Of course, that sustained position in the group has afforded him a significant net worth. According to TheRichest, Anthony is worth around $20 million, a substantial sum that rivals any other notable musician.

The Wiggles wasn’t Anthony’s first foray into music, however, as he also incorporated a band in 1979 with his brothers, Paul and John, named The Cockroaches. Although that initial endeavor didn’t exactly stick, he was able to translate that success into The Wiggles.

the wiggles net worth

Lachlan Gillespie’s finances are a bit more of a mystery than Anthony’s.

The 36-year-old Brisbane-born musician is admittedly, a bit more mysterious than Anthony is, but nonetheless has served as the purple Wiggle since the band’s current iteration incorporated in 2013. A member of the Unusual Commoners, an adult band that played a whimsical twist on traditional Australian, Irish, and Scottish folk songs alongside fellow Wiggles Anthony Field and Emma Watkins, he has clearly looked to expand his musical palate beyond just children’s songs.

According to CelebsAgeWiki, Anthony’s net worth is roughly $5 million, a sum he has accrued through his various musical endeavors. He is also married to Emma, who contributes to the band as the yellow Wiggle.

the wiggles net worth

Emma Watkins has an impressive net worth and is an integral member of The Wiggles.

As previously mentioned, Emma, the yellow Wiggle, is married to Lachlan, the purple Wiggle, and they are both members of the Unusual Commoners. Emma seems to be the member of the group who has diversified her interest in the music industry the most, taking singing gigs outside of her Wiggles obligations and forging a career path as an individual aside from a Wiggle since joining the group.

According to Practical Parenting, Emma has a net worth of about $12 million, an impressive sum that is only a bit short of longtime Wiggle Anthony. With her career only seemingly growing by the year, it goes without saying that Emma is still posed to do even bigger things.

the wiggles net worth

Simon Pryce’s creative portfolio includes not only music but acting as well.

Last but not least, Simon Pryce embodies the current iteration of the red Wiggle and has been doing so in style since 2013. A former member of the cast of the Nine Network series The Kingdom of Paramithi, Simon has been diversifying his interests in the creative field as well for some years. Although he now focuses mainly on The Wiggles, Simon has still earned a substantial amount of money for his work on both stage and screen.

According to, Simon is worth around $1.9 million, an impressive sum for his efforts.

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