Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Net Worth and Age Difference: Who Is Richer and Older Between The Couple?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been Country Music’s Power Couple, and a TV Couple too. How much are they worth now?

Country musicians Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have arguably one of the strongest relationships in the music industry. The pair recently celebrated their 26th anniversary on Oct. 6, 2022, and share three children. With so much success in the music industry and with each other (their shared Soul 2 Soul tour became the highest-grossing country tour of all time), many fans are wondering about their financial status.

Read on for everything we know about Faith Hill and Tim McGraw‘s net worth.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s net worth: Who is richer?

Tim McGraw has had an incredibly successful career in country music, selling over 80 million records worldwide and earning numerous awards and accolades. As of 2023, his Tim Graw’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, making him one of the richest country artists in the world.

Note that the above figure of Tim McGraw’s fortune is a combined net worth with his wife of 2+ decades, Faith Hill, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

According to The Richest, Faith Hill has a personal estimated net worth of $80 million, and makes her money from being a successful musician, songwriter, singer, actress and performer. Louisiana-born singer and actor, Tim McGraw on the otherhand, has a net worth of $120 million dollars.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

What about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s age difference: Who is the oldest?

Faith Hill was born in Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States on September 21, 1967. This means she celebrates her birthday each year on 21st September. About her age, she is now 55 years old and will turn 56 on Septembe 2023.

Tim McGraw was born on May 1, 1967 in Delhi, Louisiana, United States. He is 55 years old and will turn 56 on his birthday in 2023.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw first met in 1994, but they were seeing other people.

Like many country singers, Nashville, Tenn., provided a perfect setting for sparks to fly. In 1994 at the New Faces Show, when the pair first met, they were both seeing other people. Tim McGraw was dating Nashville real estate agent Kristine Donahue, and Faith had just finalized her divorce from music producer Daniel Hill.

Two years later, Faith joined Tim on his Spontaneous Combustion tour, and they began a relationshipIn October 2015, per Us Weekly, Tim revealed that he proposed to Faith on tour. He recalled, “We were in the dressing room [in] June 26, 1996 … and we’d been on tour for a while together, and I joked around with her about getting married. And so I looked at her, grabbed her by the hand, and dropped forward [on my knees] onstage.”

Tim continued, “She said, ‘We’re at a country music festival in a trailer house, and you’re asking me to marry you?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ So I went onstage … When I came back offstage, [I saw] a Sharpie with lipstick kisses all over it, saying, ‘Yes! I’m gonna be your wife.’”

Although the pair are mostly known for their music, they’ve branched out into acting as well.

Tim McGraw rose to fame in 2004, starring in films such as Friday Night Lights and Flicka. He also starred in one of the lead roles in 2009’s The Blind Side. While both he and Faith have appeared sporadically on television on shows such as Saturday Night Live and The Voice, they are currently the lead roles in the Yellowstone spin-off Y:1883.

Per Deadline1883 serves as a prequel to the original series and follows the Dutton family as they move West through the Great Plains. The family is fleeing poverty to make a new life in Montana. Faith and Tim will play married couple James and Margaret Dutton, while acclaimed actor Sam Elliott plays Shea Brennan, a cowboy.

The show premiered on Paramount Plus on Dec. 19, 2021.


There are many couples in the music industry, but few as long-lasting as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They have been married for over 25 years and have collaborated on a few albums. The couple has raised three daughters and even appeared onscreen together. They are all of the same age; ie. each are 55 years old now. About their net worth, They have a combined fortune of $200 million with $120 coming from McGraw and $80 coming from Faith Hill.


Are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill still together?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are giants of the country music scene, and the couple are just as successful in the relationship as they are with their music. They have been married for over 25 years and are still going strong together.

Is Faith Hill related to Tim McGraw?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are married couple who recently celebrate 25 years of marriage. In honor of 25 years of marriage to Hill, McGraw reflected on his proposal and the wedding that followed. He called it “the best day of my life.”

Were Faith Hill and Tim McGraw married when they met?

Late 1994. The country singers first met at the New Faces Show in Nashville in late 1994. At the time, the “Breathe” singer had just finalized her divorce from Daniel Hill and McGraw was dating Kristine Donahue.

How long did Tim McGraw and Faith Hill date?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been together for 25 years.

Why did Tim and Faith break up?

McGraw and Faith are still married, however, they were subject to divorce or split. The source further describes the reason behind the alleged incoming split. “Tim is very flirtatious, which makes Faith jealous and nervous about other women working with him.

Who is richer Tim McGraw or Faith Hill?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a combined net worth of $200 million. Bulk of their fortune comes from Tim, who has a personal net worth of $120 million whereas Hill has a personal net worth of $80 million.

Does Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a baby?

They tied the knot in October 1996. They went on to welcome three daughters: Gracie, Maggie and Audrey in May 1997, August 1998 and December 2001, respectively. Throughout their careers, McGraw and Hill have managed to keep much of their home life private.

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