Who Is Valkyrae Dating Now and Who Has She Been In A Relationship With? Dating History, Exes, Boyfriend-List

Does Valkyrae have a boyfriend, is she married and who has she dated over the years? Read on the personal life of the YouTube streamer.

Popular streamer Valkyrae (real name Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter) was born on January 8, 1992, in Washington, United States.

She is an American Internet personality. She has been YouTube’s most-watched female streamer since 2020 and appeared on Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 list in 2022. She was named “Gaming Creator of the Year” by Adweek and has won a Game Award and a Streamy Award.

Hofstetter is a co-owner of 100 Thieves, an esports and apparel company, and has been a content creator for the brand since 2018. Hofstetter is an advocate for women in online gaming, sometimes playing games on all-female teams.

Valkyrae has huge social media following since she shot to fame.

Rae had been playing Valorant since the closed beta in April 2020. She has gained Viper since then, who is not a commonly played agent in Valorant. This soon turned to a joke where people would tell her that she is the best Viper they know, to which Rae would respond with, “I am the only Viper you know!”.

Rae started playing Among Us in late August 2020. This is what first ignited the astonishing fame she would later achieve. Because of Among Us, Rae started gaining a lot of viewership and followers. She started creating Among Us content for her YouTube channel. Even though she was already relatively popular, Among Us had a huge impact on her success in 2020 and gave her many different opportunities.

Valkyrae has had a successful online career and her fans are curious to know who she is dating and whether is married or not. So, who exactly is Valkyrae, who is her boyfriend, and does she even have kids?

Who is Valkyrae?

Valkyrae, is a Filipino-American YouTuber, former Twitch streamer, Instagram personality, and professional Fortnite and Among Us player.

She was born with the name Rachell Hofstetter on January 8, 1992, in Washington, United States. She is currently 30 years old.

Rae is a German and Filipino national but is of German, Filipino, Spaniard, and Swiss descent.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

She has two brothers and one younger sister. She graduated with an associate in arts from a community college in Washington.

Rae lost her father due to cancer in April 2017. She has talked about her father not understanding what she did for a living, thinking she was working at PayPal.

Prior to streaming, Rae worked at a variety of jobs, such as being a Gamestop employee and a bank clerk.

Rae’s gamer tag used to be Legend of Rae, referencing the game Legend of Zelda. She began to think the username was awful, so she tried to find a new one. She found out about the word Valkyrie, and she attached Rae at the end, leading to the name Valkyrae.

She is a content creator and co-owner of 100 Thieves.

In 2014, while working, she began sharing her gaming hobby on Instagram, gaining a significant following. She was encouraged by various Instagram followers, friends, and Twitch streamers to start streaming on Twitch, beginning in 2015. After gathering a following, Hofstetter began posting gaming videos on YouTube.

Valkyrae is known for energetic and enthusiastic streaming while also maintaining charitable events.


Does Valkyrae have a boyfriend and who is she dating now?

Even though Rae admires women on a whole different level, she is straight.

Valkyrae is assumed to be currently single following her split from her fellow streamer and amid been linked with other internet personalities.

Rae dated fellow streamer Sonii (actual name– Michael Sherman) for four years. They started dating in January 2016 and broke up in January 2020 to focus on their careers. The two lived together before their breakup, and Rae moved to the Screamer House. With all roommates in the Screamer House parting their ways, it had been speculated that Rae and Sonii moved back in together again, as their dogs (Rae – Mika, Sonii – Naru) had been spotted when they were streaming around the same timeframe on the same day.

Nevertheless, based on some deleted tweets from Sonii, the couple seems to have broken up yet again (if they ever got back together in the first place). This also aligns with the theory that they had moved in together since Rae was spending a few days in the OTV house and when she went back, Miyoung moved in with her for a few months. The pair has once again been on different pursuits, and Rae even formed another “Screamer House” with her, Miyoung, Fuslie, Yvonnie, and Sykkuno.

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter was rumored to be in a relationship with fellow OTV streamer Sykkuno. On a recent stream, she said that she sees Sykkuno as a brother and that he tends to act that way. She said that the two have become extremely close and are both very protective of each other.

When did Valkyrae start YouTube and how many subscribers does she have?

She created her YouTube channel back in 2014 but didn’t start uploading videos until 2018. She has also collaborated with other Fortnite streamers such as Cizzorz, Daequan Loco, Myth, and Pokimane.

Rae previously streamed on Twitch before signing a 2-year contract with YouTube in January 2020. In January 2022, Rae announced a 1-year contract extension with YouTube.

As of September 27, 2021, Rae has 325 uploads, 3.71 million subscribers, and 229 million views on her videos. She has videos uploaded to her channel every week. Her videos mostly consist of Among UsMinecraftValorantFortnite, and vlogs. Rae streams on YouTube nearly every day.

She has over 430 million subscribers combined. Her channels are Valkyrae with 3.71 million subscribers, Valkyrae 2 with 242K subs, and ValkyraeShorts with 358K subs.

Valkyrae and Bella Poarch

How many awards and recognitions does Valkyrae have now?

Rae has received several accolades and nominations for her gaming talent as well as being a content creator. Some of them are listed below:

201911th Shorty AwardsBest in GamingNominated
2020The Game AwardsContent Creator of the YearWon
2021Adweek Creator Visionary AwardsGaming Creator of the YearWon
2021The Esports AwardsStreamer of the YearNominated
202111th Streamy AwardsLivestreamer of the YearWon

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