What Did Koda Do on TikTok? Here’s Why People Are Looking to Cancel the Car Influencer

People are looking to cancel car TikTok Influencer Koda, but what did he do?

The “CarTok” community on TikTok is about the same as any other online group of hobbyists or enthusiasts. Of many interests that are featured on the platform, one of them is dedicated to people sharing their car setups, dream cars, and their favorite general aspects about cars. It’s really no different than that of a TikTok community dedicated to cooking or Marvel movies.

And just like any online community with a public platform, there’s bound to be drama brewing.

In the CarTok space, we have influencer Koda, known by the TikTok username @mav.z33. Though they have a modest following and a generous amount of likes on their videos, they recently came under fire this week for some derogatory comments. What did Koda actually do on TikTok, though? Here’s what’s happening so far and why people are moving to “cancel Koda.”

Cancel Koda

What did Koda do on TikTok? Their comments have drawn serious backlash.

Koda is a car influencer within the CarTok space. The account initially had over 10,000 followers, and its car-centered content garnered a respectable 303,000 likes. Despite their relatively standard standing in the Cartok community, they’ve since come under fire for comments made against another member of the community.

Know Your Meme reports that Koda allegedly insulted another car influencer for having scoliosis.

Reportedly, a now-deleted TikTok uploaded by @officially_wide contained a DM argument between Koda and another car influencer named Mace over their individual opinions on wrapping cars in pink. In the exchange, Koda allegedly insulted Mace’s boyfriend, Sky, over his condition, saying, “I’d say the same about your little [boyfriend] … he’s tried so hard to fix himself but nothin’ will fix his [r-word] a– back.”

Koda’s response drew plenty of backlashes, with many defending Sky against Koda’s insensitive remarks. Koda reportedly even began responding to criticisms with homophobic and sexist slurs.

Since the initial drama, Koda has locked its TikTok and much of the original content has been deleted. Reportedly, their follower count even dropped considerably since the news broke.

However, the backlash continues to spread as people fired up a new hashtag over the controversy.

CarTok is calling out to cancel Koda with a new hashtag.

#CancelKoda has been making the rounds all over CarTok and the platform at large. Many people are using it to send a message that hates and mocking someone for their looks or medical conditions obviously isn’t OK. The hashtag has been used by many people both inside and outside of the CarTok community.

Mace has even kept up with news as the story develops, encouraging people to keep up the movement to cancel Koda in light of their statements. She has also encouraged folks not to approach Koda physically in lieu of making their outrage heard on TikTok.

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