What Disease Does Cher Suffer From? Details On The Singer’s Health Condition Amid Death Hoax

What health condition does singer Cher have? Despite concerns, Cher isn’t dead, but she does have the Flu.

Thanks to decades in the spotlight, Cher has become one of the most beloved celebrities that still walks among us. She has also become a vocal presence on Twitter and provides often hilarious updates on her life through the app.

Recently, rumors have begun spreading online that Cher is dead. Many of Cher’s fans are concerned about her overall health. Cher isn’t dead, but she has been under the weather. Keep reading for all the details and a health update.


Cher provided a health update on Twitter.

In her most recent tweet, Cher updated fans to let them know that she had come down with the flu.

“GOT FLU, & It’s MAJOR B—H. Can’t Stop COUGHING, THROAT’S On. Was going to get Flu Shot, but Hesitated, Cause of Antivaxers PROPAGANDA. If u don’t Want Vaccination, keep it to yourself. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PPL,” she wrote on Twitter on Dec. 17.

Cher hasn’t provided fans with any sort of update in the days since she announced that she was sick, leaving some worried about how she might be dealing with her illness. That concern is understandable given that Cher is 76 years old, which naturally means that any illness she contracts could be life-threatening, even if it starts out seeming like something relatively minor.

Did Cher die?

Although Cher did confirm that she’s ill, there has been no report to suggest that Cher has died. She may be the victim of yet another online death hoax, but it’s also possible that fans have gotten several recent stories about Cher a bit mixed up. While Cher does have the flu, news recently broke that her mother, actress Georgia Holt, died at the age of 96.

Cher confirmed the news of her mother’s death on her own Twitter, and has been writing about her mom regularly in recent days. When Georgia’s death was reported, CNN noted that she had been suffering from health problems in recent months, including a stint in the hospital where she was treated for pneumonia.

Condolences for Cher poured in following the news.

After the singer confirmed that she had lost her mother, Cher heard from ordinary people and a huge array of celebrities who said how sorry they were to hear about it.

“There is NOTHING I can say to EASE your pain or SOOTHE your SOUL. Hold good thoughts of your mom close to your , lock them tight, and she’ll ALWAYS be with you. My poor dear, Georgia was a part of our lives for decades. So SMART. So BEAUTIFUL. TRULY A WOMAN BEFORE HER TIME,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Others, including Hillary Clinton, also weighed in on Twitter to share their sympathy. It’s clear that Cher is both grieving and ill following the death of her mother at 96, but there has been no indication that she herself has died. Cher is a widely beloved national treasure. When the day finally comes that she does die, she recently announced how she wants to be remembered.

“I’m going to one of OUR favorite places & Celebrate her,” she said following her mom’s death. “When I Die I want Ppl to celebrate Me.Throw a Party.”

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