What Disease Does Vladimir Putin Have? Details On The Russian President’s Health Conditions

What does Vladimir Putin suffer from and does he have Cancer? Here’s what we know…

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing since February 2022 with no end in sight. President Biden has stated that he would be willing to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the approval of U.S. NATO allies, but if and only if Putin would be “looking for a way to end the war,” per The New York Times.

According to News.Com.AU, a Russian Telegram channel called General SVR claimed that Putin, 70, reportedly slipped and fell at his official residence.

The alleged fall reportedly resulted in Putin’s coccyx being bruised. The same report alleges that Putin has “cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.” What is going on with Putin’s health? Does he have cancer?

Vladimir Putin.

Does Putin have health problems? Cancer rumors persist.

There’s no actual confirmation about the true state of Putin’s health, just speculation and reports from channels like General SVR that claim to have contact with sources close to the Russian president.

Per the report from General SVR, medics were reportedly summoned to help Putin immediately, as three of his security officers helped Putin sit down on a nearby sofa after his alleged fall. (The story from News.Com.AU notes that the Telegram channel had no proof to back these claims.)

Putin supposedly wears specially-made shoes with an anti-slip coating to prevent falls. However, the General SVR channel claims that Putin’s health “against the backdrop of constant stress, is increasingly causing concern for doctors and [his] relatives.”

Not only does Putin reportedly have some sort of stomach cancer, but General SVR claims that he also has, “Bouts of coughing, dizziness, sleep disturbances, abdominal pain, [and] constant nausea.”

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin.

There have been reports that Putin is also showing signs and symptoms of “Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder.” Due to his alleged cancer diagnosis, Putin has also “[had] serious digestive problems and has been on a strict diet the past few months.”

According to the General SVR report, an investigation was supposedly launched to determine what provoked Putin’s fall. The report said that “Putin is on medication all the time, and preparing the president for a public display is growing increasingly difficult.”

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