What Disease Does Wendy Williams Have? The Media Guru Is Sufering From Lymphedema

The former host of the ‘Wendy Williams Show’ says she can only feel 5% of her leg and she’s normally in a wheelchair after suffering from Lymphedema.

Wendy Williams decided to step into podcasting amid the ending of television’s most popular daytime show “The Wendy Williams Show.”

As previously reported, “The Wendy Williams Show” aired on television for 13 years and had its final episode on Friday (June 17) hosted by Sherri Shepherd, 55. Wendy Williams, 57, didn’t appear on the final episode due to reported ongoing health issues.

Wendy Williams is getting candid about her struggle with lymphedema. Wendy Williams is not letting her recent health issues stop her from rejoining the media landscape – which she plans to do by producing her own podcast.

Wendy was a guest on “TMZ Live” Tuesday (June 28) to talk about her departure from daytime television and the development of her podcast. During her appearance, she asked the hosts if they knew what the condition, lymphedema was. When they did not know, she prepared to show how the condition affects her foot by holding it up.

“Lymphedema is this. Do you see this, right here, look!

It’s up and down. I can only feel, maybe five percent of my feet. Do you understand?”
Wendy continued to explain what she is going through, saying:

“Which means normally I would be in a wheelchair. I’m not in a wheelchair, I stand up.”
Her foot appeared very swollen as she held it up, putting it down not long after when she complained of not being able to hold it up any longer.

When the hosts then asked how the former TV host had been feeling physically, she replied “better than you.” Lymphedema is the build-up of fluid that is “usually drained through the body’s lymphatic system,” according to the Mayo Clinic. It mostly affects the arms or legs but can build up elsewhere.

As we previously reported, Williams shared an image on social media of her swollen foot last year. Her post and delete sparked many fans to send well-wishes and support.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams in talks for major guests such as the Kardashians and Snoop Dogg for her Podcast.

Wendy Williams reportedly doesn’t plan on returning to daytime TV because she’s set to launch her very own podcast and has a string of big names lined up as special guests. Wendy’s manager Will Selby is said to be executive producing the upcoming podcast, having told the publication that a string of major celebs has been contacted for a possible guest appearance.

Will told TMZ that the 57-year-old has spoken to a bunch of her famous friends, including Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, and the Kardashians, though it wasn’t disclosed which member of the famous family she’s keen to book for her podcast. If that wasn’t enough, a member of the Trump clan is also believed to be in talks to guest stars on Wendy’s new project, indicating that the former radio personality is determined to launch her podcast with a bang.

As of right now, there’s no official date as to when fans can expect to hear Wendy making her podcast debut just yet, but it’s bound to be soon as the mother-of-one is currently deciding whether to join a major platform such as Apple or Spotify, or whether to just release it independently. A source concluded by saying that while Wendy isn’t looking to host another chat show anytime soon, she’s still open to making appearances on shows such as “The View” and “Real Housewives.”

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