What Happened To Carl Azuz From CNN and Is He Dead?

Rumors Are Swirling That CNN Correspondent Carl Azuz Is Dead, but Is He Really?

It never gets any easier to report the news of a public figure passing. However, since many people are obsessed with being the first to report news, sometimes they can miss the mark. For example, in November 2020, Twitter users spread the hashtag #RIPDrake, but the hitmaker has been alive and kicking. Not to mention, Hollywood Unlocked reported that Queen Elizabeth passed away in late February 2022. However, the Queen didn’t pass until Sept. 8, 2022. Now, many people are having a hard time believing that CNN10 anchor Carl Azuz died.

In the early hours of Sept. 16, 2022, a few outlets reported that Carl passed away. However, notable publications have not shared any reports that support the rumors, and since the news of a celebrity death typically spreads like wildfire, questions have come to light. So, is Carl Azuz dead? Here’s everything that we know.

Carl Azuz

Is Carl Azuz dead? All signs point to Carl Azuz still being alive and well.

Truth be told, some people have a little bit too much time on their hands. For some odd reason, rumors about the CNN10 anchor passing away have surfaced online. However, that doesn’t seem to be accurate information.

For starters, being that Carl is employed by CNN, the company would have already made a statement about his death. After all, CNN is notorious for paying its respects to its employees and their loved ones with public statements. And as of writing, CNN has paid the rumors dust.

Carl Azuz

Additionally, there are no tweets or tributes that share condolences to Carl’s family from fans and fellow colleagues on Twitter. So, it’s clear as day that Carl being dead is another celebrity death hoax.

Not to mention, on April 1, 2022, Carl posted an article for a news outlet that claimed he passed away. In a rather shady tweet, he told folks to ensure that they check their sources.

Carl Azuz appears to be very private.

Although Carl makes it a point to engage with fans and followers on Twitter, very little is known about his private life.

At this time, all we do know is Carl is very focused on his career. Per Carl’s CNN profile, the anchor has a long history with the company, having worked as an associate producer and writer for CNN International.

Throughout Carl’s career with CNN, he is said to have reported on a variety of topics including the U.S. debt limit, the Iraq war, the history of the U.S. Postal Service, and more. Not to mention, Carl has served as a public speaker at various events across that country such as charity events, conventions, and graduations.

As the sole anchor of CNN10 — a 10-minute digital news show — Carl shares global news with a global audience. Plus, Carl also works as a CNN newsroom contributor and it’s expected for Carl to continue his work with the company.

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